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LeBerger means “the Shepard” in French. This business was created to disrupt the high-priced fashion accessories industry. The goal is to create formidable accessories that would not break the bank while keeping quality in mind. Fashion should not be as strict as portrayed by the media. It should be the idea of mixing unorthodox products together to build something magnificent and unique. 

West Chester, PA, June 14, 2021, Mia Nassini, owner, and founder of LeBerger Boutique and Art Gallery, was inspired by the concept of combining the sophistication of Contemporary French Fashion Design and the eternal appeal of French Paintings and Art. Her dream became a reality when she launched the unusual and interesting LeBerger Boutique and Art Gallery on Church St. in West Chester in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Mia eschewed what most consider the obvious retail choice of Philadelphia for the sophisticated alternative to center city, West Chester. She realized most of her clients were in suburban areas and West Chester was not only a delightful college town, but accessible to a huge surrounding area because of so many roadways. Her clients were thereby saved the arduous journey into Philadelphia. It has proven to be a wise move.

Mia Nassini is a graduate from Anderson School of Business/Economics from UCLA but decided to pursue her passion after a terminal illness diagnosis which is in fashion design and accessories. Fashion became her shepherd. After her remission, with no formal education in the field of fashion, she took a leap of faith and launch herself in the world of the unknown. She reached out to some designers through social media to learn more about the fashion industry and received a list of referrals of some manufacturers which landed her with Alan Hangad, through whom she met various fashion designers such as: Donna Karen, DVF, Christian Siriano to name a few.

Last but not least, Philanthropy. Mia always keeps everyone in mind whether in her design process and in her business which is why she created a non-profit, “The Nassini Foundation”. The Non-Profit is dedicated to helping Women in West Africa from Domestic violence by providing education and shelters. Ten Percent of every purchase made on the website, goes to helping these women and children while offering some of their handmade goods on the website and in her store as well.

Another U.S. based non-profit she works with is the Follow The Dream Foundation. The pageantry helps enhance or uplift the soul of the broken in order to guide them in a bright, shiny light not to mention furthering their education through an annual beauty pageant. Beauty is and has been around us for centuries therefore using it to better a young girl’s life, raises her self-esteem and gives her a second chance in life no matter her upbringings not to mention her ability to further her education which later becomes a priceless gift. She also supports the non-profit by offering beauty products “Amalia Gray” at her brick-and-mortar location in West Chester, Pennsylvania as well as her online store: www.lebergerstore.com/beauty.

With Ms. Nassini designing and manufacturing her creative fashions, Peter Mavrides has been accumulating a reputation for finding and importing beautiful art from the Paris markets and Lisbon and discovering talented contemporary artists. Though most of the works are from Paris, they represent artists from around the world. His work has paid off as Philadelphia Magazine named his gallery/museum the Best of Philly. His works represent offerings from almost every decade of the 20th and 21st century. The mating of fashion and art is nothing short of fascinating. Both Ms Nassini and Mr. Mavrides have striven to create a relaxing and welcoming environment to peruse, gaze and admire the fashions and art.

For complete information, visit: https://www.lebergerstore.com/

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