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Humans and especially children are social creatures by nature, and when they are left unable to socialize, anxiety and other behavioral issues can easily develop. Extended lockdowns just add to this unhealthy cocktail, leaving many parents with anxious children. This new online course will not only help parents & families identify anxiety, but also learn how to overcome it. 

Ontario, Canada – June 16, 2021, Dr. Adrienne Matheson has made headlines this week as she officially announces the launch of her new online course “Supporting Your Anxious Child”. Her new course that can be completed in the comfort and privacy of one’s home is welcomed by many as parents continue to experience a lack of support and access to mental health professionals – especially during COVID.

In response to this, Dr. Adrienne Matheson has introduced an online course to support parents and families that suffer from childhood anxiety.  “Supporting Your Anxious Child” will teach parent’s how to speak with their children about anxiety, identify anxiety symptoms in their children, strategies to overcome that anxiety and most importantly, how to support children who may be experiencing anxiety symptoms. The course will also help parents to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy anxiety.

In a recent press event, Dr. Adrienne Matheson was quoted as saying, “Anxiety is the number one challenge facing parents in my clinic and access to support is getting worse. Families often must wait months to see a professional. Coronavirus has been really hard on families and parents, and lockdowns don’t help either.” She went on to say, “You will walk away from this course with an understanding of your child’s anxiety, as well as having developed a toolkit of practical strategies to support your child with their anxiety symptoms.”

Dr. Adrienne Matheson is a Clinical Psychologist supporting children and families for over 12 years.  She completed a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Carleton University in 2009 and holds an MEd. in Counselling from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Matheson has been working with young children and their families both in public and private practice settings. Her area of focus is working with children, teens, parents and families that are struggling with a wide range of challenges including anxiety, aggression, bullying, trauma, separation/divorce, ADHD, self-harm, OCD, sleep, feeding and sensory regulation challenges.

To learn more about Dr. Adrienne Matheson’s new online course “Supporting Your Anxious Child”, visit her official website at https://www.growthparenting.com/





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