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As cremation ceremonies continue to gain in popularity, since public gatherings have been prohibited due to Covid-19, Urn Décor’s “Statement Urns” are rising in popularity in the US and Canada. Many families balk at having their loved ones’ cremains (ashes) sitting in a ceramic vase, and now they can finally honor their loved ones’ with truly unique and amazing urns that glow.

Chicago, IL– June 18th, 2021, Urn Décor has introduced a new type of urn to the market that they have dubbed as “Statement Urns.”  In recent years, cremation has picked up steam, and has even become a preferred choice over traditional burials in the US and Canada. Cremation was trending beyond burials before the onset of Covid-19, doubly so as concerns to limit the spread continue unabated. While many family members could not bear to see their loved ones sitting in a ceramic vase, Urn Décor now offers beautiful decorative, glowing urns that honor and showcase their loved ones’ the way they should be.

Urn Décor, completely departing from the traditional ceramic vase, offers choice to family members including urns that glow, standalone urns (up to 3 ½ feet), companion urns, and even wall-mounted urns that will bring a sense of comfort, style and luxury to any room where Urn Décor urns are displayed. Modern urns are a great way to make sure loved ones rest in a dignified way that suits their character and how they deserve to be honored, with respect and matching in the love shared.

During a recent interview, a representative of Urn Décor was quoted as saying, “I couldn’t imagine my dad, or anyone I love, resting in the traditional style of urns – they don’t quite speak to the character, accomplishments or personality of a person. To me, an excellent tribute is meaningful and compliments the individual.” She went on to say, “What I love about Urn Décor urns is they don’t hold the stigmas of a traditional urns. They’re fresh, modern, artful and inspire admiration for the aesthetic. Our urns don’t only change the perspective about the urn itself, but they also communicate a beautiful message about the individual at rest and how important they were. The bonus is – these urns blend well with the décor of homes – like any other piece of well-designed furniture – which is huge for many who enjoy the subtlety.”

Steve Stanley, founder of PRD Media Group, who recently reviewed Urn Décor was quoted as saying, “I think this is a great way for everyone, men and women, to honor their dearly departed. These urns are not only practical, but they look great too. I wish these were available when my father passed. He loved wood and lighting so much that his casket was made out of high-quality wood. I just wished this was available back then.”

To learn more about Urn Décor’s urns for cremations, visit their official website at https://www.urndecor.com/.

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