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“The Siege of 2020” features mind-blowing facts that will open people’s eyes to truths no one else dares to share. Revealing some repetitive historical patterns of the last 120 years that opens a window to future prophetic events. After reading this powerful book one will start questioning if the current tragic events happening in the world are just a coincidence… 

San Jose, California, June 17, 2021, Without question, the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way the global population are living their lives. There is a deeper meaning to what has been taking place that many people have never considered. That is, until now. H. Wesley Bryant has pinpointed specific historical events that reveal the truth of what is really happening.

“The Siege of 2020” takes an in-depth look at what has transpired in recent history and how it relates to biblical prophecy. Economic collapse, rapidly declining morals, racial and economic inequality, an apostate church, and a global vacuum for strong leadership are some of the headlines that mark the beginning of the twenty first century. By the end of the second decade, “unprecedented” and “uncertain” times would become the words on everybody’s lips.

Could this mark the “End of Times”? With the current pandemic, it seems those times are fast approaching. Faster than anyone could have seen coming – but ancient prophets did. It could it be that the prophecy has arrived – TODAY.

This debut work by Wesley Bryant places the coronavirus in a historical pattern – a repetitive pattern that is setting the stage for biblical end-times events. The world events that are happening and developing now and are unquestionably biblical prophecy playing out in full view.

To gain a better understanding of where humanity is heading, the author explores topics such as:

  • The history of Christianity and the church, and how it ended up where it is today.
  • Israel’s place in God’s plan and end-times events.
  • How the nation of the USA has been modelled on Israel and its providential patterns.
  • Four unbelievable historical and repetitive patterns of the past 120 years.
  • How the patterns have unfolded just as the prophets predicted.
  • The possibility of those patterns repeating in this day and age.
  • The current global predicament through the lens of historical events.
  • Economic consequences of closing and restricting businesses and travel in many countries due to the pandemic.
  • How a rapid decline in moral values has changed a nation.
  • and more……….

About The Author:

Wesley Bryant has been a Christian for over 35 Years. During those years of practicing his faith, he has worshipped in Pentecostal, Baptist, and Messianic churches. He has a passion for God’s Word, and privately studied from a contemporary Christian, Messianic and Hebrew roots perspective – a biblical scholar in his own right.

In recent years, his study has led to an understanding of eschatology and the end-times as put forth in scripture. Discerning the events of the times we are now living in prompted the writing of “The Siege of 2020”. A true account of past and coming events.

In his desire to bring quality works to readers Wesley has undertaken studies in writing with the Institute for writers and regularly communicates with other writers in the faith. He has also engaged professional editors that assist in bringing the best in non-fiction content.

For complete information, visit:  https://hwesleybryant.com/ 

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