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Song details the uphill battle of being a foreigner in America and calls for unity and inclusion. 

New York, New York, July 6, 2021, Lucca DL, a Brazilian-born rap artist, will release his newest song, “Life of an Immigrant,” on July 6, 2021. The song details the uphill battle of a foreigner in America and calls for unity, inclusion, and an understanding of the contribution’s immigrants have made to the history of the United States.

“Life of an Immigrant” is coupled with a music video directed by Lucca DL. The independent artist raps in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and has a unique and versatile style incorporating intricate rhyme schemes. As a student at New York University, Lucca was inspired to vocally advocate for inclusion and equality for all minority groups by Spike Lee, a professor at NYU. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of other notable immigrants, such as John Lennon, 21 Savage, and Luka Dončić.

Lucca’s unique style incorporates serious subjects with humorous and relatable lines. Some of his notable past releases include songs called “Respect”, “Talk About It”, “Humble Brag”, Satisfaction”, and “NYU Cypher”, which combined have totaled over 320,000 YouTube views this year.

“While writing this song, my intent was to advocate for inclusion and celebrate the incredible diversity in the United States. It’s not easy being an outsider, and that struggle can often go unseen, but through this song, I hope to help shed some light on these topics for audiences that might not necessarily have had much exposure to it,” Lucca said. “For my fellow immigrants, I’d like them to know that they’re never really alone in this journey. We are living in turbulent times, and I think this is a good time for us all to come together. So many hard-working immigrants have played a huge role in the development of this great country, and we’d love the chance to continue to contribute while being treated as equals.”

To counter a common anti-immigrant talking point, Lucca clarifies that he’s “not trynna take your job” and instead is “trynna pay (his) taxes and contribute to the squad.” While these lines may be oversimplifying a very complex issue, the point is brought home in the very last scene of the video, where we see a montage of many notable American immigrants throughout history, from all sorts of political backgrounds, and those photos all come together to form a cohesive map of the country.

The record features powerful vocals from Tiara James and dramatic speeches from JFK and Obama to drive the point home.

Lucca looks forward to getting back to performing live shows for both his music and as a stand-up comedian. Before the pandemic, Lucca was a regular host at the Gotham Club in New York City. He plans to continue to be a vocal advocate for inclusion and equality.

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