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The River Journey uses captivating stories, moving testimonies, and compelling truths to illustrate what it means to serve the Captain wholeheartedly. Co-Authors Tara and Robin have an amazing way of using humorous, everyday situations to convey powerful life lessons.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, July 6, 2021, Perhaps each and every human has a special someone or something to help steer them through life. According to first-time authors, Tara Hartley, and Robin Holman Loy, that is indeed the case. The challenge is recognizing it, then building a relationship with one’s guide. That is the basic premise behind the pair’s book, “The River Journey: Navigating the Way with Jesus, published by Mercy & Moxie and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

The book, while earmarked for the Christian market, carries a message of faith that will likely resonate with a broader audience. The story is structured around the metaphor of life as a riverboat journey with the Holy Spirit likened to a navigator and Jesus as the ultimate Captain. Through engaging parables, personal anecdotes, and the authors’ learned life lessons, The River Journey takes readers down a path meant to enlighten and motivate them toward a deeper faith. 

“We want readers to be encouraged to have a deeper relationship with Jesus after reading The River Journey. We offer practical examples of how to go about that based on our own experiences,” said Hartley. “Readers will then, presumably, be better able to recognize where they are on their journey and make choices to stay on course and close to God.”

The authors, for their part, offer a level of relatability and passion that aids in catapulting their message beyond the typical and toward enlightenment. Both harken from rural Pennsylvania and are the co-founders of a ministry called, Nekoda Unlimited. Holman Loy is a self-described “small-town” attorney who is married with four adult children and lives in a renovated general store that was once a stagecoach stop. Hartley and her husband have three children and two dogs and says she lives life with an “I don’t know, but God does” attitude.

The River Journey has caused a stir with religious leaders, life coaches, writers and others who laud its captivating writing style and modern-day relevance.

The River Journey is beautifully and powerfully written. It dives deep into the crevices of heart and soul, taking the reader on an extraordinary pilgrimage,” said writer, Rebecca Phillips, who previewed the book. “Demanding inner reflection and decisive action, the authors’ authenticity and stunning vulnerability have sculpted a worthy and necessary read in an age of shocking irreverence and tolerance devoid of holiness.”

“Tara and Robin have an amazing way of using humorous, everyday situations to convey powerful life lessons They expose the depths of their hearts – their pain, joy, laughter and tears. Well-crafted and beautifully written, The River Journey is a must-read for anyone seeking the Kingdom more earnestly,” said Brooke Finkbiner of United Echo Worship.

The River Journey: Navigating the Way with Jesus is published by Mercy & Moxie, an imprint of Orison Publishers, Inc., a company with more than 60 years of book, magazine and custom publishing experience.

The 140-page book is available in paperback or e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

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