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G1C Group surprises investors with acquisition of Chris Abel Insurance Company shortly after announcing blockbuster acquisition of Woodmere Apartments and three other properties in Michigan.

Austin, TX – July 12th, 2021, G1C Group LLC, a private equity firm, has officially announced their recent acquisition of a well-known Farmers Insurance Company, Chris Abel Insurance. As part of the acquisition, the insurance company will be renamed to D. Thomas Agency. The move to acquire Chris Abel Insurance first started in October of 2020, when Donald Thomas, Managing Partner of G1C Group, was contacted by Keith Kmiec, District Director of Agency Operations at Farmers Insurance. Keith reached out to G1C Group to gauge interest in the purchase. The process took under 9 months to complete and the deal was signed July 1st, 2021.

Donald Thomas, Managing Director of G1C Group was recently quoted as saying, “The purchase of this Agency will allow us the opportunity to upsell commercial insurance products to our growing network of Apartment owners, syndicators, and business owners. There is no shortage of opportunities or pathways to growth from this acquisition, as entrepreneurs are always in need of insurance solutions to protect the assets in their portfolios and of their investors as well.”

He went on to say, “The acquisition of Chris Abel Agency fits into G1C Group’s strategy to operate as one firm, leveraging all of our businesses and partnering across the firm on behalf of our investors and the companies in which we invest. G1C Group’s equity platform invests in and partners with industry-leading franchises and companies poised for significant improvement or growth that attract quality management teams. Moreover, we are disciplined investors, focusing on long-term business fundamentals.”

About G1C Group

The strength of G1C Group is a global and comprehensive approach.  In G1C Group’s strategic business strategy, the goal is to invest in large Multi-family Commercial Complexes and Businesses in growing industries, which in turn are expected to make significant improvements in business and/or growth and attract superior management teams.

To learn more about G1C Group and their expanding portfolio of assets, visit their official website at https://g1cgrp.com/.

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