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They make IT companies grow by building focused marketing strategies, such as SEO, content marketing & marketing automation, “LeftLeads” directs those customers that convert straight to the website. 

San Francisco, CA, July 13, 2021, “LeftLeads” is the dominant force in Marketing Services for MSPs, IT & SaaS. The challenge of being a Managed Microsoft Partner requires someone inside the business to manage the relationship and create content and collateral based on these requirements.

Often these partners end up hiring marketing managers who do not understand the inner workings of Microsoft or what is involved. Because Microsoft offers marketing funds for their partners, this service can be paid for by Microsoft as part of their MDF or co-marketing fund, essentially paying for itself.

The Microsoft Partner Program has more than 640,000 partners utilizing a tiering program for about 25 competency areas such as Cloud, Modern Workplace, Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Content. Their tiers are named: Silver, Gold & Managed Gold.

Many partners see it as a badge of honor to be a ‘Managed Partner,’ often more so than a Gold Partner because managed partners are entitled to field managers, while other types of partners get phone management and help through the vendor’s self-service portal.

To qualify for a Managed Partnership with Microsoft, a company must:

  • Have a high level of expertise with Microsoft products and services.
  • Have a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Share business goals and global priorities with Microsoft.
  • Connect with Microsoft directly to work on certifications for your team.
  • Maintain these standards and certifications.
  • Be selected by Microsoft to participate.

One of the benefits from becoming a Managed Partner is having a warm body inside the Microsoft Sales Engine who will help get the business in front of potential leads, help package up solutions and adjust the go to market strategy to fit.

LeftLeads is sought after for:

  • Marketing Management: Websites, Brochures, Google Ads, etc.
  • Nurture & Content Marketing: Reach new audiences with content that works.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Attract quality traffic to your website.
  • Website Design & Management: Taking care of your website.
  • Marketing Strategy: Look good online with reviews, beautiful website & media attention.
  • Social Media: Establish connections with your community.

The exclusive LeftLeads Guarantee: “LeftLeads will deliver results within 90 days of activation or we will work free until we do more than get people to your site; we encourage more people to convert. If you do not get results within 90 days, you will get a 100% refund.”

For complete information, visit: https://leftleads.com/

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