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With high risks comes high reward, but even experts find it stressful to trade in extremely volatile markets such as precious metals. ForeSCITE uses its AI-driven platform to minimize risk for beginners and experts, while providing an easy-to-use revolutionary online wealth management platform to manage assets and safeguard investments. 

New York, NY – July 15th, 2021, ForeSCITE Inc. has officially announced the launch of their new AI-driven wealth management platform, ForeSCITE, which has gained attention as a first-in-class trading platform thanks to the integration of not only AI-based technology, but also a user-friendly interface that can be appealing to both beginners and advanced traders. This revolutionary AI-based trading platform comes with an array of features including manual and automated trading options, a price forecasting tool (short and medium term), and most importantly, the ability to consolidate all of ones’ investments into a single easy-to-use platform.

ForeSCITE’s app gives the power to the user and allows them to make fully informed investment decisions with solid suggestions from the app’s built-in AI Robo Advisor. The technology employed by ForeSCITE allows users to make trading decisions with the same insights that big banks and institutional investors use, minimizing the users’ risk when trading in volatile markets. One of the most notable features of ForeSCITE is ease of access to a variety of assets. Unlike other platforms, ForeSCITE’s users can trade a multitude of assets including stocks, professional hedge funds, and quant trading.

During a recent interview, Balkrishna Shagrithaya, a renowned technologist, CEO of AllocateRite, and Chairman of ForeSCITE was quoted as saying, “We have a bold mission to build the future of digital personal investing at ForeSCITE. The savvy retail investors who are ready for the next generation of trading platforms and investing tools can now trade fractional shares of stocks as well as full shares, and utilize the technology as a price trend forecaster for cryptos.”

He went on to say, “The technology is not just limited to purchasing stocks; it also allows users to employ all of ForeSCITE’s tools to do fractional investing as well as track crypto investments.” Mr. Shagrithaya further observes that cryptocurrency investment continues to remain popular amongst traders who are eager to diversify their trading portfolio. ForeSCITE allows traders to be active in the crypto market and equips them with the tools to make smart, informed investment decisions in a market with high volatility.

To learn more about ForeSCITE’s AI-driven online wealth management platform, visit their official website at https://www.forescite.ai/.

The ForeSCITE app can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple stores.

About ForeSCITE:

ForeSCITE delivers AI-driven SaaS solutions for the retail and enterprise through its ensemble of mobile and web based digital personal investing applications for retail and TAMP solutions for the enterprises.

ForeSCITE delivers AI-driven custom thematic tax efficient model portfolios. ForeSCITE’s AI-driven platform can also create model portfolios, by optimizing existing portfolios to hedge against risk. These portfolios are created on demand using sophisticated patent pending portfolio optimization.

Optimization and model creation is based on a diverse set of input parameters and constraints such as dividend yield, CVaR, return, asset class level and individual security level constraints. All stats delivered are Ex-Ante with automatic periodic rebalancing to maintain an optimized portfolio with highest risk adjusted returns. Its mobile applications deliver the most comprehensive AI-powered digital personal finance tools such as Robo investing, Goals planning and Intelligent Budgeting to keep its clients ahead of the investment curve.

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