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Fine hair cannot tolerate the constant weight of daily worn hair toppers and hair extensions. ThinHairThick’s solution removes the need for direct anchoring or bonding to the hair. The use of a stretchable band that interlocks with a comb enables comfort and security that is completely independent of attaching to the hair while seamlessly integrating. 

Salt Lake City, Utah, July 17, 2021, Women have been searching for solutions to thinning hair for decades. The problem is that what has been available ends up causing damage to the thinning hair of the wearer. This is an endless cycle of damaged hair and then covering it up. This is no secret, it is simply tolerated as there was no other alternative, that is, until now.

The founder of ThinHairThick became obsessed with creating a solution for her own thinning hair problem, but one that would not exacerbate the problem. After the doctor diagnosed her with Alopecia, the mom of triplets was fed up with what the market had to offer. She said, “I had the choice of wearing a hot and stuffy wig or going back to hair extensions which ravaged my thin hair.” The problem with both of those options is that they tend to use clips or other damaging methods that bond to the user’s own hair. The solution must not be worse than the problem.

ThinHairThick uses a patent-pending clipless method. Users can still get all of the gorgeous volume of a wig or hair extensions without the bother of going to a salon or the damage of bonding a hair piece/extension to their own hair. Users love the option of wearing the THT Clipless Topper without having to rely on the salon for maintenance – especially during Covid closures. THT offers the solution whether fuller hair is wanted for glam reasons or the user has a medical condition that contributes to thin hair.

During a recent interview, the Founder of THT made these comments, “When you look at the design of the ThinHairThick hair topper, it immediately looks different from other crown hair extensions. Where other hair toppers rely on clips that anchor to your own hair, you will see that ours does not. How is this possible? Conventional hair toppers almost always rely on clips to secure to the hair. While clips certainly get the job done as far as security, the glaring issue is that this method often causes damage.”

She goes on to say, “With traditional hair toppers, worn for any length of time, you will almost certainly feel the impulse to remove it and allow your hair follicles to recover from the unnatural stress. The irony of most hair toppers is clear after a few wears. The very thing that helps women cover their thinning and fine hair is also a guilty culprit. It covers your thin hair while making it thinner. It is a vicious cycle. There is no reason to let that happen.”

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