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NYC Department of Sanitation study finds 38.6% energy reduction by switching to EC fans.

Berkeley Heights, NJ – July 20th 2021, Mainstream, a leader in the market for engineered fluid and air equipment, today announced the results of an independent 15-month study conducted by the New York City Department of Sanitation demonstrating significant energy savings of direct drive electronically commutated (EC) plenum fan arrays compared to belt-driven air handling unit fans.

The fan unit is the most energy-consuming part of HVAC systems. Fan technology is rapidly improving. Commercial property owners are seeing the benefits of EC motor technology in order to reduce energy usage and ultimately save money.  The shift to EC motor technologies in the HVAC sector is seen in wide-ranging industries from high-level government facilities to healthcare centers. According to the US Department of Energy, “Approximately 10% of total energy consumed can be attributed to electric motor-driven systems… Advanced motor technologies provide various opportunities to reduce overall energy consumption…”

The study from the New York City Department of Sanitation compared the energy usage of two non-VFD fan systems and the two electronically commutated fan arrays that replaced them. At the conclusion of the study, energy reduction was measured to be 33.3% and 38.6% respectively for the two replaced fan systems with no reduction in airflow.

“Having been in the custom air handling unit and HVAC components manufacturing business since 1991, manufacturing EC fan arrays to our customers was an easy decision,” said Jim Markham, CEO at Mainstream. “Reducing energy consumption in buildings on any budget is a challenge. The great thing about switching to EC fan arrays is you don’t need to completely retrofit or replace a system.”

Mainstream has been working with EC fans for over a decade and continues to remain on the cutting edge, developing ways to refine the process of designing, replacing and installing fan arrays. IntelliCUBE EC Fan arrays from Mainstream allow for expedited retrofitting of air handling units. IntelliCUBE EC fans require no maintenance, are significantly quieter than belt-driven fans, and are highly energy efficient. IntelliCUBE EC fans can be used to replace large, aging or broken fans with an array of smaller fans that are easier to install and transport.

“EC fan arrays are an easy sell because they pay for themselves with energy cost savings in about 2 years,” said Markham. “Even customers replacing newer VFD-controlled systems are seeing real energy savings. You wouldn’t believe how much energy just eliminating a belt can save, in most cases upwards of 5%.”

Offering a wide range of options to choose from, and the ability to have a fan array quoted in a day and delivered in weeks, Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE EC fan array systems have become the prime choice for retrofitting commercial and industrial air handlers. Mainstream is a Berkeley Heights, NJ-based HVAC manufacturer with a focus on making the process of quoting and installing fans arrays and other HVAC components as easy as possible.

About Mainstream:

Mainstream was founded in the early 90’s as a family business in Northern New Jersey, manufacturing coils and other HVAC components. Over the past two and a half decades, Mainstream has grown and evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of air handling systems and equipment. Continuous, iterative product development, paired with a steady expansion of production capability and a strong culture of service, has Mainstream positioned for robust growth throughout the next decade.

Mainstream’s core values of knowledge, innovation and integrity are the principles that have propelled the growth of the business and characterize what clients have come to expect from a leading manufacturer like Mainstream.

For more information visit Mainstream’s official website at: www.mainstream-corp.com or contact Nick Walker at nick.walker@mainstream-corp.com.

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