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As the economy slows down and inflation looms on our minds, consumers are looking for ways to save money, without having to give up quality. Sentinel Mouthguards is a great alternative for people in the market for mouthguards, primarily because it enables them to order direct, bypass the expensive Dentist’s Appt, and save a ton of money in the process. 

St. Petersburg, FL – August 2nd, 2021, Sentinel Mouthguards has officially announced the launch of their new website, SentinelMouthguards.com, and it has already received praise from those in the industry. Their new online platform that allows consumers to order direct is expected to totally reshape the way mouthguards are sold in the marketplace. In the past, it was necessary for someone to go to the Dentist if they wanted or needed a custom mouthguard. Now, with the launch of Sentinel Mouthguards, a Dentists appointment is not needed, as an easy-to-use impressions kit is sent directly to the consumer after they order a mouthguard.

Sentinelmouthguards.com offers custom, dental-grade mouthguards that are affordable without compromising the quality. According to their website, “The entire process from start to finish only takes 5 minutes—that’s probably less time than you’d spend driving to a dentist office!” More importantly, bypassing the Dentist will save the consumer even more money as they don’t need to pay a Dentist to take impressions that are costly, yet completed in 10 minutes or less. Now that may be just what the Doctor ordered.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Sentinel Mouthguards was quoted as saying, “We utilize the same teeth impression process that your dentist would administer, and we use the latest dental-grade material to produce your precision-fit mouth-guard. Our optimized process means less money out of your pocket-and that’s on purpose! Our mouthguards are a fraction of the cost of the same product ordered through a Dentist.” He went on to say, “We have also just launched our affiliate program for anyone that is interesting in selling Sentinel Mouthguards and we welcome all new affiliates.”

To learn more about Sentinel Mouthguards and their cutting edge Tru-fit Process, visit their official website at https://sentinelmouthguards.com/.


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