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As the trickle-down effect of lockdown restrictions hurt nearly all businesses and industries, Magic Men Australia have announced an initiative that they hope will end lockdowns. They will begin offering complimentary show tickets to those who are vaccinated in hopes of getting the arts & performance industries back on track and keeping businesses open. 

Victoria, AU – August 2, 2021, Magic Men Australia has officially announced their new campaign, ABS for JABS, to help small businesses stay open by offering a complimentary ticket to those that have been vaccinated. Magic Men has a weekly stage show in the major cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and also often travel around Australia to tour the smaller cities & towns. They have become very popular and are often booked for weddings and hens parties. When the pandemic hit, their business (as well as most other performance acts) was severely affected and were forced to close as they were a non-essential business.

Magic Men is Oceania’s largest male revue show, and with an ever-growing clientele, they launched the “ABS for JABS” campaign. When weddings and other events were forced to cancel due to Covid-19, many other people and reliant businesses were ravaged. Some were forced to close permanently. Once businesses are allowed to reopen, they often must close again if a “spread” of Covid-19 is detected. While Magic Men insists that their purpose is not to impose vaccinations on people, they do want to convey the message that perhaps with more people vaccinated, the country will avoid entering future lockdowns.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson Will Parfitt from Magic Men was quoted as saying, “Vaccinations are a touchy subject for lots of people atm and we are by no means asking people to get vaccinated. What we are doing is offering those who have already made the choice to get vaccinated a free ticket to Magic Men.”

He went on to say, “We want to see Australia be opened up as quick as possible. The wedding and arts industry have been hit so hard the last year and a half, that we are crying out for a solution to allow us performers to do what we love most and that is to perform. We cannot wait to get back on stage, and be in a position where we can dance and sing with our clients.”

To learn more about the Magic Men male revue stage show or their ABS for JABS campaign, visit their official website at www.magicmen.com.au.

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