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Dates are one of the most nutritious yet under-rated fruits on the market. As the pandemic winds down and people have become more conscious of their health, 7D VARIETY has decided to make it their mission to educate the public on the long list of health benefits associated with eating 3 dates a day. 

Philadelphia, PA – Aug 8th 2021, 7D VARIETY has officially announced the launch of their new health & wellness website that will shine a light on the health benefits of eating date fruit daily. Although date fruit is one of the less well-known fruits, it is extremely nutritious and is said to help prevent many diet-related chronic diseases. 7D VARIETY’s new platform is aimed specifically at educating the public on the wide-ranging benefits of consuming date fruit on a daily basis and has a panel of experts to ensure that their platform contains only well-researched and factual information about dates, health, and wellness.

7D VARIETY’s website include content written and reviewed by registered dietitians, nutritionists, health psychologists, and certified trainers who have outstanding professional background. Click here for more information on 7D VARIETY’s panel of experts. Zachari Breeding, a Food Systems Dietitian at VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System (and a certified MS/RDN/CSO/LDN/FAND), was recently quoted as saying, “I have been a frequent visitor of the 7D VARIETY website for years now, and I am so excited to see all the improvements they have made over the years to address common questions from the public about health and nutrition. Not only are dates as featured products, delicious and packed with health-promoting nutrition, but the support team is fabulous and truly cares about offering the best information to their clients.”

During a recent interview, Ammar Alhelal, the Founder of 7D VARIETY was quoted as saying, “We aim for our users to eradicate food-related diseases and cultivate healthy habits and lifestyles. Through the content we publish, we want them to achieve this. Our data-driven resources and content set us apart from our competitors. Curated with the help of our medical teams, these contents are designed to highlight the benefits of date fruit and other natural foods.”

He went on to say, “Choosing three dates a day with a cup of tea or coffee over a sugar-filled snack could help reduce many diet-related chronic diseases.”

To learn more about dates and 7DVARIETY’s new information resource for everything date related, visit their official website at https://7dvariety.com.


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