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During a pandemic many people and families become isolated, drastically increasing the rates of depression and worse. Books like these may be just what the doctor ordered as it provides the reader with a sense of being; truth; love; and most importantly, hope and possibility.   

Chandler, AZ – Aug 11th 2021, BMcTALKS Press has officially announced the release of their newest authors’ book, “From Barriers To Bridges: A Treatese.” While many businesses and book publishers have put their projects on hold due to the pandemic, BMcTALKS Press thought it was important to press ahead and release this book now rather than later as its positive message of hope and possibility can become the difference between someone who has lost hope and someone who may just become inspired by the book and turn their barriers into bridges.

From Barriers to Bridges: A Treatise” is a manifesto for personal and collective evolution. Challenging, thought-provoking, and inspiring, Maria A Rodriguez captures what often goes unseen and unspoken. Maria A Rodriguez, author of “From Barriers to Bridges: A Treatise,” has truly seen and been through it all. She began her career as a police social worker and community leader, serving the many impacted by domestic violence, family turmoil, mental illness, and traumatic death. There is little doubt that seeing these issues unfold before her eyes on a daily basis didn’t affect her in some way—something that is impossible to quantify how seeing this truly affects someone’s own mental state.

While in the midst of her own transformational healing in an intensive couple’s therapy training program, spiritual forces blew into her life, changing the course of her life forever.  She underwent a major relationship change, an unexpected turn in her career, and a profound spiritual awakening. It was this spiritual awakening that led to all of the positive changes in her life. Maria is a clinical social worker turned author and evolutionary revolutionary. Her sense of wholeness and aliveness grew as she became further aligned with her path, passion, and purpose.

During a recent interview, Maria A Rodriguez was quoted as saying, “This is a call-to-action and a call to face truth and to live from that place. It is a call to rise up from the divisive states that can exist within us, between us, and around us. From Barriers to Bridges: A Treatise is full of practical wisdom, forming a bridge for us to cross into a brighter reality. It is dedicated to those who are opening to the purple waves of truth and love, and of hope and possibility.” She went on to say, “I am completely devoted to healing ourselves, our relationships, our systems, and our communities, thus, unleashing the power of grace in the world.”

To learn more about Maria A Rodriguez or her latest book release, “From Barriers to Bridges: A Treatise,” visit BMcTALKS’s Press official website at https://www.bmctalkspress.com/products/bridges.


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