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Facebook selected Hawque Protection Group, as the only minority owned protection security group to provide security services for their leaders and private events worldwide. 

Atlanta, Georgia, August 14, 2021, Economic conditions as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic coupled with a huge political riff has caused a big uptick in violent crimes from coast to coast. People are in fear for their personal safety and for their assets. The personal protection security industry has seen exponential growth, but not all such firms are equal.

Hawque Protection Group have proven themselves to be a world-class protection service with “particular expertise in luxury security solutions for prominent families and individuals, corporations and family offices in and around the Atlanta area and across the nation”, as explained by a company spokesperson.

HPG, is the only licensed protection firm based in the prestigious Buckhead Atlanta area. Launched in 2020 by Co-Founders Chris Rich and Patrick Kane to help combat the increased security threats not only in Atlanta, but anywhere their professional services are required. HPG is not just another security firm, but more so a select group of security minded thought leaders with deep corporate, law enforcement, close protection, and technology backgrounds. They are fully equipped to handle any security concern domestically or internationally with their global network of professionals.

Hawque Protection Group is sought after for the following services:

  • Private Investigations: Their intelligence and investigation services are used by private clients, legal firms and corporate companies based in the United States. HPG’s security network allows them to assist their clients globally as well due to their robust relationships with vendor partners and government advisors.
  • Executive Protection: Executive protection services mitigate the elevated personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, occupation, reputation, travel destinations or other factors.
  • Security Consulting: HPG can help create a robust security environment with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.
  • Secure Transportation: There is a difference between hiring a driver/bodyguard vs. a trained executive protection agent. Properly trained security drivers typically engage in pre-mission planning that helps them avoid risk in the first place. In addition, they may have access to ongoing oversight and threat monitoring tools that allow them to maintain situational awareness, even while driving.
  • Concierge Luxury Services: HPG’s concierge division offers Luxury Lifestyle Services which offers the best in class, exclusive access, and bespoke services.

About Chris Rich & Patrick Kane:

Chris Rich and Patrick Kane are trained executive protection agents and Georgia State licensed private investigators and received their training from one of the top executive protection schools in the country. Chris Rich and Patrick Kane are the co-founders of Hawque Protection Group, a Georgia State licensed protection firm that is positioning themselves as the new security thought leadership. They have worked on teams that have protected notable people ranging from high-level government officials, celebrities, and families of wealth. HPG has also collaborated on protection details with the secret service, USDA protection teams and other law enforcement agencies.

For complete information, visit: https://www.hpg.global/

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