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Mother Nature has been stirring up storms and hurricanes all over the nation. Best to protect a roof before the storm with a Hurricane Tarp and special tie-downs, instead of covering a hurricane damaged roof. 

Georgetown, Texas, August 14, 2021, Mother Nature has been busy cooking-up all sorts of storms and hurricanes. A storm does not have to be labeled a hurricane to pack a powerful, sometimes lethal, punch. The fact of the matter is that a Hurricane Tarp will protect property and keep the rainwater out. They are easy to employ and it makes sense to have them on hand in case they are needed.

This time of year, Tarps Plus makes sure they have a huge inventory of their famous Blue Poly Tarps. The most common hurricane tarps used are the economy grade blue polyethylene tarps. Roofers and Handyman will tack these tarps on to damaged roofs after a hurricane to make sure that further water damage is not incurred.

Poly tarps have proven to be the most cost-effective way to cover a roof to prevent further water damage to the dwelling. all hurricane tarps are made equally so it’s important to ask the thickness, Denier, ripe reinforcement, grommet spacing and UV coating. When Weather Warning are issue, construction sites must mobilize at once to make preparation. Hurricane Tarps are used to protect workers and materials used in the site. Objects must be secured and covered with tarps so they don’t become missiles.

Poly tarps are a plastic based material. Poly is short for polyethylene. Polyethylene is a synthetic polymer: a plastic polymer of ethylene. Most poly material is used for manufacture of containers, packaging, and electrical insulation or in this case poly tarps. Polyethylene tarps a.k.a. Poly Tarps are made with polyethylene, nylon tarp threading inside the material with a rope reinforcement around the perimeter of the poly tarp material.

Having the correct Tarp Accessory will help keep a tarp in place during a storm.

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