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HoldOn Ai/ Glasses, invented by a Tokyo-based company has taken Japan by storm and has been endorsed by celebrities as well as having been featured on major television shows. HoldOn Ai/ Glasses are equipped with the latest AI technologies to help protect the wearer’s eyes from the risk of nearsightedness, while helping to maintain a posture-friendly lifestyle. 

Tokyo, Japan – Aug 23th 2021, ClearElectron Co, Ltd. has made international news this week as they announce the release of their AI-driven eyeglasses that will not only detect if someone is sitting too close to an electronic device, but can also detect if it’s too dark or if they are sitting with bad posture. HoldOn Ai/ Glasses also provides a daily report to help acquire eye-friendly habits, potentially saving people from spending unnecessary time and money replacing eyeglasses and multiple visits to the eye doctor.

Invented by ClearElectron in Japan, HoldOn Ai/ Glasses have a wide array of benefits that also include notifying drivers when they start to fall asleep by detecting specific neck movements. Other features include a custom-built app that analyzes and reports on screen-time to help understand and establish good eye habits and posture, as well as blocking blue light. Excessive blue light from electronic devices has been known to damage eyesight. Ai/ Glasses’ lenses are especially coated to block harmful blue light, while making sure the devices screen is not too dark.

During a recent interview, Shiken Ono, CEO of ClearElectron was quoted as saying, “We are very happy to bring this new product to the tech sector. Ai/ Glasses are a very practical way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for both parents and their children. After using the Ai/ Glasses for a while, they will naturally start developing good habits where they may no longer need the glasses to determine the best posture and the best distance from the screen.” He went on to say, “This can help avoid potentially longer-term effects of a child being too close to a screen or sitting playing with electronic devices with bad posture for prolonged periods of time. They work by using a high-quality sensor that measures the distance between you and the electronic device you’re using. If it’s too close, a vibration alarm will alert so you can move further back.”

ClearElectron will be debuting Ai/ Glasses to the US market at the Vision Expo West trade show in Las Vegas, starting on September 23rd through September 25th 2021, at both #P21075. This will be the first introduction of their revolutionary invention, Ai/Glasses, to the US market.

To learn more about HoldOn Ai/ Glasses, visit their official website at https://HoldOnAiGlasses.com/ or visit ClearElectron’s company website at https://www.ClearElectron.com/

See the Ai/ Glasses video here: https://youtu.be/3r5fUT8IPEI 

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