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It’s no secret that many timeshare cancellation companies gave the entire industry a bad name by taking deposits and then suddenly disappearing. Linx Legal has decided to step in to safeguard investors’ returns by offering legitimate timeshare cancellations, and as reflected in their Better Business Bureau rating, their clients couldn’t be happier. 

Charlotte, NC– Aug 31, 2021, Linx Legal has made headlines this week as they begin an aggressive campaign to take back the good name of the timeshare cancellation industry. As the industry has become plagued by “fly-by-night” companies that prey on timeshare holders, this will come as good news to those looking to exit from their timeshare without getting scammed out of even more of their savings. Linx Legal, Inc. is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with a stellar A+ rating.

Linx Legal was founded in 2009 and specializes in timeshare cancellations and refunds. The fact that they have been in business, under the same name for well over 12 years is an indicator that they are indeed the real thing, and not another “fly-by-night” company that will disappear in due time. Timeshare exit companies continue to exist for a reason. The reason is clear, and that is because the good companies actually get customers out of their timeshare contracts. Finding a good timeshare cancellation company can be difficult, but not impossible. Looking at the Better Business Bureau is a great place to start research.

When searching for timeshare cancellation companies on the Better Business Bureau’s website, a company such as Linx Legal stands out among the rest. The company is accredited, has been in business for 12 years, is A+ rated, and has over 50 reviews. These are the important indicators to look for when trying to find a timeshare cancellation company.  Consumers can also look to places such as Google for additional reviews for timeshare cancellation companies. However, with that being said, consumers should be wary as there is no accreditation process as stringent as the BBB.

During a recent interview, Joe Berger, VP of Operations for Linx Legal was quoted as saying, “We have worked to help customers cancel their timeshare contracts since 2009. We have more experience than anyone, hence our motto Only the Best is Good Enough.” He went on to say, “As an 8-year military veteran, I take pride in everything I do. Every day I make sure that we work to gain the trust of our clients by offering them transparent and clear solutions to their timeshare issues.”

To learn more about Linx Legal, Inc. and their timeshare cancellation solutions, visit their official website at https://linxlegal.com

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