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This approved continuing education event provides six hours of CE credits towards real estate licensing.

Dallas, Texas, August 30, 2021, During Realtor Safety Month, this game-changing security awareness training and certification promotes proactive strategies to enhance safety and security for Real Estate Agents and Brokers’ businesses and their clients. Professionals who work with clients’ sensitive and personal data need to be up to date on how to better protect themselves and their clients from fraud, identity theft, wire fraud, cybercrime and personal assault.

No industry is immune to cyber-attacks and data breaches. This has become especially true for small and medium sized businesses. These firms are being targeted as the importance of security and protection of online data of clients and employees is often out of date, being overlooked or neglected.

The CSI Protection Certification Designation training offers the latest best practices and client-centered approaches to prevent growing cybercrime, identity theft and social media intrusions to daily transactions and other aspects of business operations. Plus, agents and firms can leverage increased security/greater protection as a sales, marketing and strategy tool to enhance market access, brand awareness, reputation, and ultimately, revenue. REALTORS® with a professional designation earn a median income of 74% more than those without, according to an NAR member survey.

The 2019 National Association of Realtors annual safety report indicated that 5% of Realtors said they had been a victim of a crime while working as a real estate professional. This equals 65,000 victims. The real estate industry is the second largest target of cyberattacks. Every 39 seconds a hacker tries to steal individual or business data. 43% of business cybercrime hits small and medium sized businesses.

Head Security Awareness Trainer and Co-Founder of Protect Now, a TREC Approved Real Estate School, and his business Partner retired Middlesex County Deputy Sheriff Joshua E. Davidson have partnered with Johnnie Morine of The Morine Group, REALTORS in Arlington Texas to provide this essential training to promote proactive strategies to enhance cyber and personal security for Agents, Brokers, their team and clients.

“Wire fraud has surpassed a $200 million a year scam which not only decimates the buyers bank account, but it kills the sale, shatters commissions, and leads to lengthy and expensive lawsuits for everyone involved in the transaction. This is just one of many reasons why agents need to attend this groundbreaking training,” says Robert Siciliano, Head Trainer and architect of the CSI Protection Certification Designation.

“Security and greater protection is also a sales and marketing tool that enables market access, brand awareness, stronger reputations, and ultimately, revenue. A CSI Protection Certification not only provides you with the tools to protect yourself, your business and your clients, it also walks you through how being CSI-Certified differentiates you from competitors in a crowded marketplace” says Johnnie Morine of The Morine Group.

The Platinum Sponsor for the CSI Protection Certification Designation is Alamo Title. “Insurance companies understand and evaluate risk more than any other industry. The CSI Protection certification designation is specifically designed to reduce risk and enhance the safety and security for our clients and the public. We’re excited to deliver such an important message to agents across Texas and beyond” says Brandon Kuhn of Alamo Title.

Two hundred attendees are expected to attend on September 10th. Those who wish to attend must sign up before all slots are filled. Graduates will leave better educated on how to deal with numerous challenges and threats when they return to work armed with practical and relevant strategies to prevent wire fraud and other forms of criminal activities.

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About Protect Now:

The goal of Protect Now is to create a culture of safety and security awareness. The aim is to bring together a community dedicated to help keep everyone safe from harm. Protect Now was founded by entrepreneurs of various backgrounds to serve other businesses and their teams on the way to become security awareness experts. Protect Now believes that effective prevention can be achieved by learning proper habits. PN combined the latest safety technology, tools, and their accumulated experience – because they would rather see everyone on the job and out of the headlines. TREC Lic. #10514 TREC Course # 41517

Contact: Robert Siciliano at robert@protectnowllc.com (800) 658-8311.

About The Morine Group:

The Morine Group is a Full Service 100% Flat Fee Brokerage. Their agents keep 100% of their commissions after a small transaction fee is subtracted. Agents do not share their profits. They take home the maximum on every transaction. The best method to achieve wealth is saving.

Contact: Johnnie Morine – morinegroup@gmail.com (817) 266-6629

About Alamo Title Company:

Alamo Title Company is a proud company, comprised of dedicated and talented individuals who have the desire and knowledge to succeed. The heart of our company is over 220 dedicated agents providing quality service throughout Texas and New Mexico. Nearing eight decades of continuous service, Alamo Title Insurance has earned its place in industry history, a position of distinction and respect.

Contact: Maria Rodriguez Maria.Rodriguez@alamotitle.com (817) 276-1990

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