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Galton Voysey is a Hong Kong eCommerce company that features an impressive portfolio of 45+ brands, all of which are built, grown, and developed 100% in-house. Galton Voysey, known to be customer centric, focuses primarily on brands and products that their customers would dream about. 

Hong Kong – Sept 2nd 2021, As the 4th quarter of 2021 quickly approaches, companies like Galton Voysey are preparing for their busiest time of the year, the Christmas season. Their CEO Kimberley Woo is known for her dedication and passion to customer service. She famously flew from Hong Kong all the way to the U.S. to make sure every customer receives their parcels on-time. Her hands-on approach to leadership is what sets Galton Voysey apart from the other Direct-To-Consumer brands on the market.

Kimberley was recently quoted as saying, “I have a very hands-on leadership style – and I do not believe that there is any work that is above anyone including myself. I am someone who will roll-up my sleeves and do whatever is needed to make sure the train keeps going regardless of whatever the job is.”

She went on to say, “During my time as the COO of the company I felt that it was imperative that I was physically on the grounds where our warehouse partners are located and ensure that all of the orders are shipped out in a timely matter. I flew over to the US and got a hotel that was a 5-10min ride from the warehouse to make sure that if there were any delays or issues that arose, I could very quickly respond and work with the warehouse to ensure that our orders are delivered and that our customers would have their Christmas gifts arrive on time.”

Galton Voysey’s CEO Kimberley Woo is passionate about finding new solutions and innovative brands. She’s been a key leader at the forefront in the development of the business and continues to inspire and share her ideas across the board. There is no doubt that her innovative approach to fostering the growth of their brands explains the massive success they enjoy.

You can trust that GV will take the extra mile – or in Kimberley’s case, the extra few thousand miles – to get everything in place, and if required, with a cut-throat attitude.

To learn more about Galton Voysey and their exciting brands, visit their official website at https://galtonvoysey.com


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