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After completing the application process to receive an extremely difficult to obtain Natural Health Product license from Health Canada, IndiGrowth is now preparing to expand their operations into retail. They are actively pursuing distribution partnerships and are poised to become Canada’s leading natural health products supplier. 

British Columbia , Canada – Sept 9th 2021, IndiGrowth Health & Wellness has officially announced the launch of their new website and are now offering a promotional discount of 20% off with free Canada wide shipping for a limited time. IndiGrowth Health & Wellness Ltd. was founded in 2019 by Clayton Hobbs. A practitioner of mindfulness and soon to be Certified Health Coach, Clayton created IndiGrowth Health Wellness Healing Inc. to help find ways to develop a healthier sense of overall life balance. With the help of licensed nutritionists and scientists, IndiGrowth has formulated two nootropic health supplements available for purchase through their website at https://indigrowthhealth.com.

The sale of natural health products falls under the same strict guidelines as that of nonprescription medications in Canada. After receiving their NHP License from Health Canada, they will begin selling their uniquely formulated supplements in retail stores throughout Canada and North America. Designed as nootropic multivitamins, Health Canada licenses IndiGrowth’s products as Natural Health Products (NHP).

On Sept. 2nd 2021, IndiGrowth successfully acquired an initial lead investor and will now be able to register as an Eligible Business Corporation which would see a 30% return on investment for individuals in BC who are looking to make a capital investment in IndiGrowth Health Wellness Healing Inc. This milestone will fast-track IndiGrowth’s export market plans which will see their products receive regulatory International Trade Certificates in up to 21 countries.

During a recent interview, Clayton Hobbs was quoted as saying, “We are very excited to be launching our new website and showcase our products to the world. I began developing a line of nootropic health supplements to help users shape a better overall sense of health and wellbeing. For a limited time, we will offer a 20% discount as well as free shipping in Canada, and a flat rate of $16 USD to U.S. customers.”

He went on to say, “At IndiGrowth, our goal is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Whether it be through natural health supplements, online services, website or social media content, we want to empower people to take control of their destiny and make significant improvements in their personal and professional life. We will also be offering free 1-month online Health Coaching to the first 100 people who purchase both Our Get Up and Grow Daytime Formula and Evening Evolution nighttime formula products. The services will include online fitness and nutritional coaching, goal setting and mindfulness-based life coaching.”

The company is also looking to begin a charitable partnership with the BC Children’s Foundation and will be donating 5% of the net proceeds from the sale of both of their Natural Health Products to the BC Children’s Hospital’s Child Life Fund. In addition to this, they have also reached out to three Canadian National Sports Programs, as well as two professional sports teams located in British Colombia and hope to have an agreement and announcement on that shortly.

To learn more about IndiGrowth Health & Wellness, visit their official website at https://indigrowthhealth.com


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