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The Smoothbar hair salon is unlike any other salon. Their complete approach encompasses everything from creating a relaxing and luxurious environment for their clients, to catering to their specific needs with highly trained treatment specialists. 

McKinney, TX– Sept 13, 2021, The Smoothbar has officially announced this week that they have opened up for franchising and are now accepting applications for people interested in starting The Smoothbar of their own. The Smoothbar is a unique hair salon, that unlike others, specializes only in hair smoothing treatments like “Global Keratin” and Brazilian blowout. The Smoothbar offers a unique experience for their clients by providing specialized stylists in a luxurious environment at reasonable pricing.

It’s no secret that if someone wants the best, they should seek out a Stylist who specializes in exactly what they are looking for. Often times The Smoothbar’s clients travel hundreds of miles to experience their specialized services in an environment that is designed to maximize comfort. The Smoothbar is an exclusive salon dedicated to hair smoothing services. The Smoothbar ran with this concept and now has one of the fastest growing hair salons in the country. Their services include Keratin treatments, Protein treatments, and most importantly Reparative treatments for those that need to replenish and restore their hair to its natural beauty.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for The Smoothbar was quoted as saying, “While most salons are in direct competition with each-other, The Smoothbar offers a completely different track that local salons embrace. We have found a vast amount of new clientele by simply working with local salons. As The Smoothbar does not offer typical salon services like cut, color, style, etc., we refer those services to the salons within The Smoothbar territories – removing a burdensome process from their salon while feeding new clients to them!”

The Smoothbar franchise is a great opportunity for those interested in and have a passion for the haircare and beauty industry, who appreciates sleek design and understands premium customer service. The Smoothbar salon was created as a solution to ensure a fresh environment while exceeding current air regulations and meeting the increasing demand for top-quality, convenient hair smoothing treatments. Additionally, all Smoothbars are specifically equipped with an extraction system to ventilate the space for optimal air quality & maximum client and staff comfort.

To learn more about how to open a The Smoothbar franchise, visit their official Franchisee website at https://www.franchisethesmoothbar.com/get-started.html. Alternatively, they can also be reached via telephone at +1-760-533-1833 or email at Franchise@thesmoothbar.com.

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