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Breast cancer is an issue that all women need to be concerned about, and a mammogram is a great tool for early detection of lumps. However, it is difficult for patients with benign lumps to “keep an eye on them” for changes. With My Lumps new app, users will be able to log and track their self-examinations to ensure any changes are immediately noticed. 

Tampa, FL – Sept 16th 2021, My Lumps has officially announced the release of the first-ever digital breast self-examination tracking tool. My Lumps is a mobile application that provides a tool for women to annotate, log and track their breast self-exams and establish a baseline of what their breasts normally feel like. It also creates a simple repeatable process for conducting breast self-examinations by providing a visual representation of the breast, which allows users to map where they feel lumps and annotate descriptive information about those lumps.

My Lumps was founded in 2021 by Petrayris Del Angel after she received abnormal results from her mammogram. Although her lump was considered benign, her doctor told her to “keep an eye on it.” She realized that the only way to keep an eye on it would be to memorize every self-examination that she did. She considered this approach insufficient and began searching for tools to help. After tons of research, it was easy to see that there is a trove of information on breast cancer awareness, but no tool to aid in the tracking of those self-examinations to make sure any changes do not go unnoticed.

This was when the My Lumps mobile app was born. The My Lumps app was designed by women for women to increase breast awareness in an easy and efficient way by providing a place for women to annotate and track lumps and abnormalities felt during breast self-exams. The main benefit is that the application provides a method to map, annotate and track each woman’s breast anatomy based on what they feel, increasing breast awareness.

During a recent interview, the founder of My Lumps, Petrayris Del Angel was quoted as saying, “My Lumps was born out of my own need and inability to identify and track changes in my breast over time. By the age of thirty, I had two mammograms and an ultrasound where a mass was found but determined to be a non-cancerous cyst by the radiologist, but my doctor told me to keep an eye on it and to come back if I noticed any changes.” She went on to say, “I struggled to understand how I was supposed to keep an eye on this lump and how I would be able to determine if there was a change.”

My Lumps takes breast cancer awareness a step further by providing women with a tool that helps them easily track, learn, and understand their breasts, while providing something tangible and actionable for women to follow when performing breast self-exams.

To learn more about the new My Lumps mobile application, visit their official website at https://www.mylumps.com/. The app is available both in the Apple store and Google Play.

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