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Businesses are reopening, and business owners want to offer a safe place for their customers. Social distancing is one of the crucial components for safety. The CDC says that social distancing may help prevent contracting the virus. Hospitals have been using white tarps to provide privacy. 

Georgetown, Texas, September 18, 2021, As seasons change, so does the need to cover-up anything outside to protect it from not only wintry weather, but freezing rain and the weight of snow after a snowstorm. Snow may seem like a light substance, but a heavy snowfall has crushed many a roof, especially when it gets wet. A little forethought now can save a lot of money later.

Tarps Plus is the nationwide leader in Tarp Sales. As specific needs increase, such as in Hurricane Season, their team makes sure their inventory is sufficient to handle any demand. Tarps are becoming more essential now more than ever. Tarps are being used for room barriers and crowd control. Poly tarps that come in multiple sizes are being used for triage centers as well as the annual use of temporary roof covers.

Heavy duty canvas tarps are being used to haul things as well as the typical covering applications. Canvas tarps are widely used to haul material away due to its resiliency to abrasions compared to the poly tarps. Tarps are most often used for covering, hauling, shade, or for barriers.

Some of the most popular Tarps include:

  • Poly Tarps
  • Canvas Tarps
  • Mesh Tarps
  • Fire Retardant Tarps
  • Heavy Duty Tarps
  • Hay Tarps
  • Vinyl Tarps
  • Canopies
  • Baseball Tarps
  • Accessories
  • Custom Tarps

Tarps have nearly an unlimited amount of uses. The Tarps Plus goal has always been to offer the best tarps as well as offer helpful tips and information that enable their customers to get the best use they can out of their tarps. The Tarps Plus Mission is clear: Save people money with the lowest prices and educate new ways to use tarps.

Tarps Plus is concerned about maintaining security for customers to safely purchase online. A number of safety websites like “Digicert” have been used to prevent any credit card fraud and identity theft.  Their website is tested and certified so that it passes the FBI/SANS Internet Security Vulnerabilities Test.

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