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The strongest manifestation tool to date is the Sri Yantra and it has been for many millennia. It is an intricately powerful symbol that may bring about miraculous, magical results. Meditation of the Sri Yantra and the outcomes produced are irrespective of one’s Religious beliefs or Spiritual practices. 

Nashville, TN,  September 20. 2021, Ida Estelle is a published author of several books and courses. Her fans will be delighted with her much anticipated latest release, “Sri Yantra Wealth Instrument: Powerful Secrets to Unlock True Success”. Many people desire a new direction in their lives, such as a new path that will give them a greater chance of success.

The contents of this book are priceless — this is a message for the masses — approximately at least 95% of society who desire success and wealth have no idea where to begin… or believe that it is even attainable. As well, it is for those who have tasted success, but desire next level of living. This message reveals that wealth — a life of peace, love, joy, happiness, success, and money — is for anyone who desires it and who cares enough to transform.

Positive thinking is only one aspect, as it also encompasses a clear pattern of meditative thoughts. It is necessary to bring about a paradigm shift in one’s thinking. By employing the Universal Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, one can have the best chance at seeing a drastic change in their life.

Thoughts of the mind can actually be seen as brain waves on the electrical spectrum. What this means is that once a thought is conceived, it is released into the “Ethers”. This applies to both positive and negative thoughts. So, it is not only what is thought, but how it is thought.

Ida Estelle does an excellent explanation and provides detailed steps into the correct meditative processes to create these positive thought waves. Some people complain that everything in their life is negative, yet they are always thinking negative thoughts. Their first thoughts about anything are usually negative. These same people when trained to think in a positive light report that their lives have completely changed. 

About The Author:

Ida Estelle RN M.Msc, is a published author of several books and courses, to include: The Force of Love, Absolute Life, and more recently Sri Yantra: Wealth Instrument, Powerful Secrets to Unlock True Success.

She is the founder of the newly created Starr Beauty and Wellness, LLC, where their goal is to direct others in their pursuit of healing and wellness: mind, body, and spirit. Ida’s passion is spiritual awareness which led her to attain a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona. As well, she has attended extensive spiritual training under acclaimed Shaman Peter Aziz in Devon, England.

Ida currently practices as an Energy Healer, life coach and as a Critical Care Nurse in the Emergency Department in one of Nashville’s acclaimed hospitals.

For complete info on Ida’s latest book, visit: https://www.amazon.com/idaestelle

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