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Designer fabrics brand collection “Asmara Dior Collection”, a black-owned designer collection of fabrics, was created to bring new, exciting, and stunning African cultural designs to people across the globe. Their signature fabrics are great for fashion style, home design, or even office spaces. 

Katy, TX – Sept 28th 2021, Asmara Dior Collection has officially announced the launch of their new designer fabric collection that showcases their beautiful multi-purposed fabric designs. Each of their tasteful fabric designs use eco-friendly materials, even the ink and dyes used on their fabrics are of water-based pigment ink and dyes. Asmara Dior Collection offers fabrics, wallpaper, table linens, wall art, bedding and various designer home accessories.

Asmara Dior Collection’s fabrics are all uniquely designed to create a stylish, stunning, and stand-out look, with each fabrics name originating from the Yoruba and French language. They all have a specific meaning to them. During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Asmara Dior Collection was quoted as saying, “I started this collection because I wanted to bring global awareness to the collection which represents my roots and ancestors. I am African American but my Louisiana French Creole Roots are of the Nigerian and French Ancestors. This new collection has an African Cultural look to them for which that is what has inspired these designs. It was important for me to create environmentally friendly fabrics, which is why we spent a lot of time sourcing only eco-friendly materials, inks and dyes.”

She went on to say, “Our signature designer fabrics are available in many different forms, not just clothing. They are great design accents for the living room, bedroom, or really anywhere that you want to feel the vibrance and warmth of this exciting new collection. Our products are available on the Spoonflower website and we will be launching our website very soon.”

To learn more about the Asmara Dior Collection or to purchase their signature designer fabrics, visit their Spoonflower store at https://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/asmara_dior_collection.






Fabric Name is Bẹ́wàjí means “Wakes up with beauty”
Fabric Designed by: Quinline L. Olukoya
Designer of Asmara Dior Collection

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The House Of Asmara Dior International, LLC
24044 Cinco Village Center Blvd., Suite 100
Katy, Texas USA