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While many have yet to hear about NFT’s, the non-fungible token is quickly becoming a great tool for creators to offer something that is unique and of value to anyone interested in buying. According to Dune Analytics, OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFTs, has recorded a $3.4 billion transaction volume on in August, more than 10 times the number in July. 

New York, NY – Oct 9th 2021, Pug Force has officially announced the launch of their NFT that is expected to take the market by storm on October 13th at 11am EST. Non-fungible tokens, unlike dollars and bitcoin, are something unique that can’t be replaced by something else. As the NFT industry heats up, people have made a lot of money and are continuing to look for the next Bored Apes opportunity.

The creators behind the Pug Force NFT project are very successful marketers. They own over 20 marketing companies across five countries. They currently run $100M+ in marketing campaigns and they know technology well. They have developed games from scratch. They are innovators at heart who want to see their projects succeed. The team behind Pug Force are dedicated professionals with over 15+ years of marketing experience and have built multiple communities of over 1 million members in different markets.

After their NFT launch, the Pug Force creators plan on building a brand. They plan to launch multiple projects that will interact with each other, all culminating in a huge game release. Pug Force consists of 10,000 utterly unique Pug Force Officers that have been lovingly hand-drawn using a genetic design pool of over 100 traits. Visually striking, they feature authentic styles such as Military, Emergency Services, Air Force, Navy – all the great Protectors – even Centurions, and a fortune more.In every genetics pool, there’s a chance for the rare and concealed to appear- and Pug Force Officers are no different! There are 6 SUPER Rare Officers that everyone will have the opportunity to own.

Analysts have compared the Pug Force NFT with the likes of Bored Apes, which has made many a millionaire. Reuters reported that a set of 107 NFTs representing images of cartoon apes sold for $24.4 million in an online sale at Sotheby’s auction house on Thursday.

The Pug Force NFT launches on October 13th 2021 at 11am EST. Find out more information or get involved before it’s too late by visiting their official website at https://pugforce.io.

Join their Discord channel at https://pugforce.io/discord/ and speak directly with General Pug, the Chief Pug in Charge.

Pug Force Twitter: https://twitter.com/pugforcenft


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