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 Elyt Chargeback is about making the internet a safer, less dangerous place by: Preventing those scams from occurring in the first place. Increasing internet users’ awareness  to that kind of fraud. Constantly fighting against unregulated brokerages’ legitimation and  Recovering victims’ funds. 

Los Angeles, California, October 9, 2021, Many investors have lost their entire life’s savings to various online scams. Some people have dreams of hitting it big with things like Bitcoin. Most of the time these are dreams that are not fulfilled. It is so easy to fall victim to evil doers online.

There are ways to recover cryptocurrencies and funds lost to online scams but is not for amateurs. This is a very specialized field, and it takes trained, experienced professionals to prevail. Going it alone trying to recover lost assets could actually make matters worse.

Elyt Chargeback is pleased to be celebrating a great milestone of 2,000+ successful asset recovery cases. Their 82% success rate places them at the top of their industry. This is why they dominate the field and are sought after by other asset recovery firms.

With Elyt Chargeback’s anti-fraud and litigation support resources, they can quickly assemble a winning team that can provide victims with restitution by helping to resolve even the most complex fraud schemes, including:

  • Asset concealment and destruction
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Binary options scams
  • Cryptocurrency scams
  • Investment scams
  • Forex scams
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency fraud
  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporate fraud and corruption
  • Ponzi and pyramid schemes
  • Money laundering and proceeds of crimes

During a recent press event, a company spokesperson shared a typical case. “After hearing about the rise of Bitcoin, Lisa wanted to join the party and was looking for a crypto exchange that would let her buy Bitcoin, unfortunately, she saw an ad on social media that directed her to an “investment company”, she left her details and right away she received a call from an account manager/broker that gave her promises for profits. She was not aware of this kind of scam and was happy that the company would buy and hold the Bitcoin for her.”

He went on to say, “She didn’t know that nobody except her should hold the Bitcoin and giving the key for her wallet is like giving the code for your credit card. After 4 months when the Bitcoin was significantly higher, she asked to withdraw some of her investment, but the “investment company” was already gone with her money. The moral of this story is that you should never, ever, give the key to your crypto wallet to anybody. It is a Red Flag if somebody asks for it.”

Trust the professionals that have the proven credentials to represent clients and have the highest asset recover rate in this industry.

For complete information, visit: https://www.elytchargeback.com

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