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Pythagoras magnetic figures are exciting educational toys that can be played with on their own in various ways or attached to magnetic tiles for an even more fun-filled activity. This innovative toy is a lesson in gravity, magnetic forces, precision & strategy. Great toy sets for young children using various shapes that stick together with built-in magnets.

Newark, DE – Oct 13th 2021, Pythagoras Magnets has officially announced the launch of their new fun-filled educational line of magnetic toys, and just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Pythagoras magnet toys and figures come with various educational roles play that shows children the merits of being a responsible and caring person. By utilizing these magnet toys, children can become educated about the various ways they can contribute to the life of their fellow humans and society. Pythagoras Magnets tile set consists of a special set of 42 Pcs of multi-colored, moon-shaped, transparent, 3D magnetic tiles for kids, that is a great addition to their figures and will help to expand the lessons.

Pythagorus Magnets was founded by Eitan Prawer, a former Elementary school teacher. After spending countless hours teaching students, and his own children, he thought that there must be a better way to spark the curiosity and jump-start their imagination in a fun and exciting way. Eitan was quoted as saying, “I noticed that the kids seemed to lack a natural curiosity about the world around them, in a physical and imaginative sense. Being curious is vital to understanding how the world around them works, and more importantly, to learn about how other people think and feel.”

He went on to say, “Magnetism is a fun way to foster curiosity, and combining that with the human element of figurines makes for a great fun yet educational toy. Magnetism is a force that cannot be seen and thus sparks a great sense of how and why. This presents a great opportunity for children to learn about way more than just magnets as it helps children connect with their sense of wonder and how all of us in this world are connected. It allows them to open up their hearts and begin to feel compassion for others as well.”

Playing with these magnetic figures and tiles is multi-functional. Firstly, it’s a lot of fun, but while they are having fun, children are developing skills like strategy, creativity, critical thinking and cognitive abilities such as hand to eye coordination, plus fine motor skills and gross motor skills. It is a hands-on game for the whole family.

To learn more about Pythagoras Magnets or to purchase a set, visit their official website at https://pythagorasmagnets.com. Pythagoras Magnets can also be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.


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