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Emilie Jerard is the host of the Crypto Talk Podcast and she has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine. She started investing in the number three Cryptocurrency called Cardano back in its ICO phase. Emilie has achieved her lifelong dream of early retirement and traveling around the world. Now she wants to share her secrets with others. 

Hartford, Connecticut, October 20, 2021, When Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies started to get the attention of the masses, it was like the wild west. Many scam ICO’s appeared and vanished with investor funds. Some people lost their life savings and some folks made a fortune.

Emilie Jerard was one of the few that was able to navigate the twists and turns on the highway to Crypto Investing success. She made the correct decision to get in on Cardano during their ICO. Her gains are very impressive and have enabled her to live her dreams.

Dubbed the Queen of Crypto by her students, she has launched Crypto 101, a 2-hour course that will enable others to become successful crypto investors. It doesn’t make much sense to go it alone and face the often-expensive learning curve. Take the shortcut and learn direct from a Crypto Professional.

She has taught her friends and family how to Profit in the Cryptocurrencies market in both bear and bull markets. Her reviews are held once a month in NJ. Emilie Jerard is best known for her diverse experiences. Being a creative director of her own YouTube channel, she readily invests her money in a variety of ways to build her net worth and boost the return rate on her money.

Her primary goal is to create long-lasting assets in a battle to become financially secure and help others to achieve their financial goals. Indeed, her YouTube Channel is geared up with several practical plans to stabilize one’s income and savings. “I want to create a community where we encourage and support each other to reach our financial goals”

Emilie has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Miami. With her unflagging confidence, she became the only person of color to graduate in that subject that year. While acquiring her degrees, she interned for the prestigious University of Miami Medical School. With her enthusiastic nature, she also interned diligently for DuPont carrying out transgenic drug research. Emilie followed her BS degree with an AS in Histology Technology, and then by a National Certification.

Emilie currently renders her services for several large hospitals in the Anatomic Pathology Departments. With her sympathetic nature, she also devotes her services for hospitals that are in underserved communities. Emilie is an advocate and mentor to those who want to enter the laboratory sciences.

Emilie invites all those people interested, but hesitant, to learn about Crypto Investing the correct way.

For complete information about her course, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/189291866067

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