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 The results show that using the app improved body image significantly. It showed improvement in body dissatisfaction, BDD, repetitive checking, comparing body areas, and avoiding behaviors. 

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 23, 2021, GGtude is one of the world’s most researched mental health platforms. Body dissatisfaction is a problem with young people and specifically young women, including high school, and university students. People with negative body image have negative perceptions, thoughts and feelings about their body and physical appearance.

These people spend a lot of time being preoccupied with their appearance and often spend hours a day obsessing about particular body parts and general appearance. They can also engage in unhealthy behaviors – extreme dieting, unhealthy eating, and excessive exercise.

This is often associated with depression, low self-esteem, and OCD.

Available solutions are limited and costly. There is a need for accessible and low-cost interventions that reduce the negative effect. Apps by GGtude have been proven in several studies to have a positive impact on such disorders. With 8 published academic papers, they show consistent results in helping people with OCD, self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, body image and depression.

Their philosophy builds on CBT concepts and utilizes mobile exercises to break negative thinking habits and increase supportive thinking. Clinical Psychologist Prof. Guy Doron, their chief scientist and Co-Founder, is on a constant mission to collaborate with researchers and study the effect of their mobile apps.

A recent study checked the impact of an app on body image. The study is a collaboration of researchers from GGTUDE and Padova University. It included young women, who are at high risk (already have serious but sub-clinical symptoms of eating disorders, BDD, etc). The app targets thinking habits related to body image preoccupation. Recommended amount of training with the app is for 3 minutes a day.

Participants were asked to use the app for 16 days, then stop using it. The control group refrained from using the app for 16 days, then started using the app (RCT). Participants completed self-assessments before, after and at 16 days follow-up.

The results show that using the app improved body image significantly.

Specifically, it showed improvement in body dissatisfaction and BDD symptoms including repetitive checking, comparing body areas, and avoiding behaviors. The results were published in a prestigious academic journal, Behavior Therapy.


  • The app can help improve body image.
  • Training for 3 minutes a day can be effective in reducing body image dissatisfaction.

User Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what one client, a GG OCD Anxiety & Depression User, has to say, “Life changing. I don’t know how they do it, but this app has transformed my mentality and has increased my mindfulness and mental standard of living. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the developers. Thank you.”

Another GG OCD Anxiety & Depression User made these comments, “It works. I really like this app. At first, I was skeptical, but I’m using it every day… and yeah- it does work! I’m glad I downloaded it.”

During a recent interview, Prof. Guy Doron, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, made these comments, “The results of this study are consistent with a previous study showing that using this app increases resilience to triggers of body image distress such as Instagram use. When we developed this app, we decided to target maladaptive beliefs that are specific drivers of body dissatisfaction. To accomplish this, we created a user journey that goes through these beliefs, one by one. Users of the app are required to do very little every day, but this short engagement guides them through negative thinking patterns they might have. They also learn adaptive and supportive thinking alternatives that can replace the negative ones.”

Gur Ilany, Co-Founder and CEO, made these remarks, “Our company always seeks to innovate and to expand to mental health realms that are underserved. While our initial focus is on OCD, and our bestselling app targets OCD, we know that body image is a huge problem among young people and we embraced the challenge to build a user journey that can ignite a positive process.”

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