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Juventix Regenerative Medical is pleased to report that Dr. Robert McGrath, D.O. has been appointed Medical Director. He was part of the initial team with the Founder and CEO. He co-developed the initial clinical protocols that have further evolved into the current products offered with Juventix.

Tampa, Florida, October 26, 2021 — Dr. Robert McGrath, D.O. has been named the new Medical Director of Juventix Regenerative Medical. With him, he brings over 40 years of experience in the medical field, twenty of which have been involved in viscosupplementation, pain management, and emerging non-surgical medical technologies such as platelet- rich plasma (PRP). Because of this extensive experience and firsthand clinical knowledge, Dr. McGrath will be a tremendous resource to answer clinical questions and concerns, as well as to provide a “peer” perspective for other medical professionals seeking to treat their patients with natural alternatives to typical chronic pain treatment like opioids, and anti-ageing treatments like Botox and filler.

At a recent press event, Dr. McGrath made these comments, “I started my practice approximately 20 years ago with my son. Initially our main practice was treating osteoarthritis of the knee with injections, therapy, and bracing. We used a multi-level approach, and it was wildly successful. However, we wanted to do more, and our patients inquired about other medical problems daily.” 

“I would be asked, ‘Can you help me with my erectile problems?,” “Doctor, I get so embarrassed sometimes when I laugh, I wet myself. Can you help me?,” “Doctor, is there something I can do to make sex better at my age?”, “I went to the literature and found a physician in Alabama who was treating these problems and others using the patient’s own blood.” 

“That was the beginning of my relationship with Dr. Charles Runels, the founder of the P Shot and O Shot procedures. I had the opportunity to train and become certified by Dr. Runels in these procedures and many other applications using Platelet-Rich-Plasma. Today, we are now using the second generation of this product called Platelet- Rich- Fibrin.” 

“I am pleased to present this product available now as a flowable injectable using the patented Juventix Bio-Incubator. I strongly believe the entire Juventix product line will bring the use of biologics into the forefront of medicine today.” 

Dr. Perita, another pioneer in the regenerative field stated, “Cells, not doctors, heal the patient. At Juventix Regenerative Medical, our company continues to provide clinicians the tools needed to implement Dr. Perita’s statement.” 

“I am honored and proud to be affiliated with Juventix Regenerative Medical and look forward to the future of regenerative medicine.”

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Juventix Regenerative Medical® has been helping our customers grow their clinics by expanding into new modalities and generating unique revenue streams. Platelet- Rich Plasma treatment is 100% autologous and can aid in the healing for a variety of conditions. Juventix PRP Kits provide a competitive advantage by offering superlative clinical outcomes at a commercially reasonable cost. ⁠

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