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Chillpill Throwback is bringing to life the first-ever Fashion Brand that stands for artists, similar to how RedBull stands for extreme sports. Chillpill Throwback is a revolutionary concept that marries the concept of supporting and promoting local artists with a unique fashion brand that is gender neutral, with plans to build a community of support for artists to be recognized.

Portugal – Nov 1st 2021, As a tribute to the age-old saying, “take a chill pill,” Chillpill Throwback did exactly that. This new and exciting fashion brand for artists was birthed by artists for artists. Many businesses were created during the pandemic, and unfortunately many also went out of business. Artists and musicians had and continue to have an especially difficult time as lockdowns saw a shutdown of nearly all live events, concerts, shows and more. Facing extreme difficulty, these artists, did what they are preaching, and took “a chill pill.” This is how Chillpill Throwback was created.

Chillpill Throwback was officially launched in January 2021 by a group of Portuguese Artists who spent over a year of struggling professionally with the pandemic situation. After almost losing sight of their fate on what their destiny should be, reinvented themselves and created Chillpill Throwback, the brand that everyone is excited about.

During a recent interview, Christian Martins, actor and co-founder of Chillpill Throwback was quoted as saying, “We’re more than a Fashion Brand, we’re a community. We’re Artists and we’re Funky. We decided to fight against all odds and create a brand where the main goal is to support and to promote work from artists. Just how RedBull does for Extreme Sports and Supreme for the Community of Skaters, we want to standout by creating a long-term presence along the community of Artists around the world.”

He went on to say, “Artists will always be present, whether by promoting their work on our social media, website or by doing collaborations. We’ve worked with lots of artists this year already. By 2023 we want to incorporate a platform on our website where artists can monetize their content when they don’t have any other places to rely on for income. We have the right ideas to implement it and on how to create something innovative. We are open to working with investors and anyone interested in partnering with our new brand can reach out to us and we are happy to discuss a future collaboration.”

Chillpill Throwback, true to their slogan of “Be Funky. Feel Special. Live Differently.” offer a unique fashion brand that’s colorful with the main Portuguese Flag colors of green and red, which are present throughout the Brand’s footprint. Every time someone purchases from their website, they donate 2€ to an Artists charity chosen by the customer.”

To learn more about Chillpill Throwback and their revolutionary new fashion & lifestyle brand that propels the artist to the forefront, visit their official website at https://www.chillpillthrowback.com.

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