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Not many people have heard of Cerebellar Degeneration. Perhaps a friend or family member that lives with this rare hereditary neurological disease. This book gives a glimpse about what they go through daily and how to help them more. 

Aurora, Colorado, November 8, 2021, There are many Neurological Disorders that are not at all well known. One of them is Cerebellar Degeneration, a neurological condition that presents many challenges for everyday living. According to the United Nations Global Perspective Report 2007, roughly one in six people worldwide has a neurological disease or disorder.

It is surprising that such little is known by the general public about such disorders. The new book by Trey Crossland, “Living With Cerebellar Degeneration: Coping With A Neurological Disease”, documents his own true story about living and coping with this little-known condition. Readers will have an inside look through a person’s eyes that has to navigate his own path through everyday life.

At times, the challenges can seem unsurmountable. Things most people take for granted, like walking straight, become a major challenge. How to live with the ongoing chronic pain, neurological pain, physical pain, headaches, and fatigue are all discussed.

The author hopes that his book will help other people become more aware of this disease, and maybe even get one step closer to curing it. It also shows that if one is suffering from this problem, they are not on their own and there is help out there for them.

Reader Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what this Verified Amazon Customer has to say, “Interesting and Informative. This is a good concept for a book on this subject; both informative about the condition and also providing a first-hand perspective from someone who has experienced the condition. I’m sure others affected with this condition, as well as their family and other support people, will find it interesting and informative.”

He goes on to say, “This book is a valuable resource to others experiencing similar struggles. I expect that writing it gave the author an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and provided them with a better understanding of their own situation. As others read it, I think they will gain strength and confidence from it too.”

About The Author:

Trey Crossland is 30 years of age and lives in Denver. He suffers from a rare, hereditary, neurological disease that is misunderstood even to doctors and experts today. He is  doing his best to raise awareness and hopefully find a cure for his disease, not only for him, but for whomever suffers from this disease.

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A sample chapter can be read here.

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