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EternaLife offers the opportunity to unlock parts of one’s genetic profile and take advantage of the information to change one’s health for the better. Through genetic testing, they can formulate a nutritional supplementation regimen based on each individual’s unique needs. This is an exact science, no guesswork involved. 

Singapore, November 10, 2021, Welcome to the future of nutritional supplementation. Every person has a unique biological profile. Going into a supplement shop and buying a bottle or two of vitamins can do more harm than good or do nothing at all. Even the difference in each individuals’ weight can affect the required dosages. Each persons’ ability to absorb nutrients also varies and determines what is absorbed.

The same is true for skin care products. When a substance is applied to the skin, it also enters the body and the bloodstream. What is helpful to one person may cause irritation on another person’s skin. The purity of these products is also an unknown. The question is… why take the risk?

All that is changed with the launch of the new EternaLife Genetic Testing Platform. Using a non-invasive saliva test, a person’s unique genetics can be discovered. A company spokesperson explains, “Our ancestry-based genetic risk analytics platform first determines your ancestry before our bioinformatics selects genetic markers relevant to your wellness traits. Unlike other providers in the market, we use genotyping technology that is specifically catered to your demographic for increased result accuracy.”

Upon Purchase of the Starter Kit:

  • Sign Up: Sign up and participate in their questionnaires to create a profile.
  • Saliva Collection: A simple and painless collection kit that can be done comfortably at home.
  • Genetic Tests: They send the DNA sample for analysis to a world class facility for processing.
  • Formulation Test: They formulate a users’ fully customised products based on their genes and lifestyle.
  • Delivery: Each clients’ products will be delivered to their home.

People who have previously done their genetic test with other companies can provide their genetic data and EternaLife can do a customised formulation for them. For a Limited Time, they are offering a special promotion: Customised dietary supplement and skincare serum from $99/month.

Each clients’ genetic data is secured and safe, subject to all Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and privacy laws. All processes and products are formulated in Singapore. They are a team of World Class professionals including scientists, researchers, nutritionists and clinicians supported by some of the biggest companies in genomic science.

Actionable Results: Apart from genetic reports that they provide, their ethnic-based algorithms are specific to help users tailor blend their customised products and to make daily informed choices.

EternaLife provides three different genetic test reports: nutrition report, fitness report and skincare report. Their test report covers more than five hundred genes and provides more than forty insights into one’s predisposed nutritional deficiencies and skin sensitivities.

The report also contains extensive information on the client’s genetic assessment scores, predisposing risk factors and lifestyle modification tips. The comprehensive reports provide personalized recommendations and an understanding of one’s unique genetic profile.

For complete information, visit: https://eterna-life.com/

For a one-stop solution to stop and reverse one’s biological age, visit: https://www.eternadna.com/

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