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TransCrypts is the only solution on the market, which gives employees complete control and access to how their data is shared. They empower employees to take ownership of their own data and the power to decide how and with whom their data is shared. 

Newark, California, November 10, 2021, Access to medical records can mean life or death in many cases. The amount of time it takes to make such access is also a key factor in a positive outcome. TransCrypts created a whole new paradigm in how medical records are stored an accessed. By using the Blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger that cannot be altered. The reason they use it at TransCrypts, is because it gives employees the opportunity to share their data in a way that can be instantaneously verified. All the while, maintaining industry leading privacy and security.

To date, over 6500 immunization records have been stored on the TransCrypts platform as a result of this partnership, expected to reach 76,000 by 2022. Security of medical records at TransCrypts is second to none.

The Security Engineer for the company explains, “TransCrypts utilizes IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) Technology, which geo-decentralizes user’s data, making it extremely hard for sensitive data to be hacked or leaked. The IPFS technology works by breaking a single file/document into many hundreds of parts, these parts are scattered in many different geographical locations over the Cloud in the form of encrypted Hashcodes.”

He goes on to say, “A bad actor (Hacker) would have to guess where each part of a file is located throughout the world, which of the Hashcodes represent parts of a file, and then would need to hack into each of hundreds of separate Hashcodes just to gain access to a single file. Thereby minimizing the risk of hacking and exposure vs. storing it in a single location, as many competitors do.”

During a recent press event, Zain Zaidi, Chief Executive Officer of TransCrypts, made these comments, “The inability to access a patient’s medical record is a huge barrier in providing medical care in developing nations and is responsible for a tremendous number of preventable deaths. For example, in India over 700,000 people die every year from the lack of access to a patient’s medical records. A majority of these deaths could have been prevented if physicians had access to a patient’s comprehensive health care records. With this partnership, “Doctors Without Borders” and TransCrypts hopes to build a future where this loss of life can be mitigated.”

Ali Zaheer, Chief Technology Officer, said, “These records can be accessed from any mobile device or computer, with or without an internet connection, by the patient, and can be easily shared with the medical care professional and verified instantaneously. It is all because these documents are stored decentrally that they meet the highest security and privacy standards for medical document storage.”

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