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This book will show step by step how to become successful on YouTube to the point where one can eventually quit their job. 

Atlanta, Georgia, November 16, 2021, In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people have lost their businesses and/or their jobs. It is not necessary to flounder around looking for a way to make a new income. The best route is to use the information that is available from other people who have been successful and want to share their secrets and tips.

Ashley Parke was fed-up with her 9-5 job and wanted to be independent while not worrying about paying the bills. Her new book, “Replace Your 9to5: How To Start A YouTube Channel” is the culmination of two years of hard work, and it paid off for her. She wants to share her experience to help others do the same thing.

During a recent interview, Ashley made these comments, “I wrote this book to give others an opportunity to experience the freedom I enjoy every day. I remember hating to have to go into the office. I was depressed and always anxious. I would come home drained, exhausted, and many nights would even cry because I had to do it all over again the next day. I felt trapped with no way out. And then, I found YouTube. If you feel like how I felt, believe me, there is a way out. If I can do, then I know you can.”

Here is a preview of some of the Chapters:

  • Preparation for the Anticipated YouTube Channel
  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Getting Started On YouTube
  • Shooting and Editing Videos
  • Uploading Videos: Optimize for Growth and Ranking on YouTube
  • Grow One’s Channel | Marketing, Promotion and Advertisement
  • Monetization & Diversifying Strategies
  • Staying Motivated | When To Leave To One’s Job 

Imagine, viewers watch one billion hours of YouTube daily. The YouTube platform represents a popular entertainment channel and powerful moneymaker for personal brands and entrepreneurs. If one wants to make money on YouTube, one can realize their goals, starting now.

This eBook will lead readers through all the steps to get started. It will prepare them to choose a niche, target an audience, learn how to monetize their channel, and give them all the vital details to begin a financially and personally rewarding venture. Use this book as the go-to reference for Everything YouTube.

About The Author:Ashley Parke is a fashion influencer. Her style is a fun mix of dressy-casual looks that take one from work to the weekend and everything in between. She also has a passion for interior design, beauty, houseplants, and food. Her audience mainly consists of everyday working women seeking to grow their workwear collections, build their capsule wardrobes, or enhance the pieces they already own. Recently, she has been documenting the full remodel of her new home and will be including more home content on her YouTube channels such as hauls, reviews, DIY’s and more.

For complete information, visit: https://www.ashleyparke.com

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