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In honor of Veteran’s Day 2021, Juventix Regenerative Medical is partnering with Veterans In Pain (V.I.P.) to deliver much needed relief to our nation’s Heroes. This organization seeks to empower Veterans by providing them with nationwide access to interventional solutions, administered by volunteer physicians. Juventix will be supplying free PRP kits to physicians who are willing to contribute their time and expertise to perform PRP injections on local Veterans.

Tampa, Florida, November 16, 2021—   Juventix Regenerative Medical has launched a campaign with the V.I.P. organization to help deliver much needed relief to our nation’s Heroes. Active-duty service members are considered tactical athletes, given the significant level of combat training and physical fitness required for the job.[1] While in service, members are often loading heavy machinery onto trucks, hauling ammunition, and performing many other physically demanding tasks.

Even years after their service ends, this can lead to development of osteoarthritis (OA) and other orthopedic injuries from overloading joints, repetitive motion, or traumatic injury. Some of the most common orthopedic injuries that effect Veterans are joint (shoulders, elbows, hip, knee, ankle), muscle, bone fracture, spine, and amputation.[2]

According to the OA Action Alliance, osteoarthritis and orthopedic injuries place a major burden on military service members and veterans, leading to high rates of disability and reduced quality of life.

For example:

  • Service members with knee injuries are nearly 6 times more likely to be diagnosed with knee OA during their military career.
  • OA is the 2nd leading cause of military discharge, behind combat wounds.
  • Soldiers with post-traumatic knee OA (OA that develops after an injury) are 31% more likely to receive a disability discharge at a younger age when compared to those with knee OA that develops over time from increased load on joints and repetitive motion.
  • Health care costs for joint injury and subsequent OA among the military are surprisingly high and climbing, estimated at $3 billion per year.[1]

Conditions like these are typically treated with opioids or surgery. However, more and more physicians and patients are finding relief from a natural source – their own blood. Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy or PRP, uses the patient’s blood to stimulate the body to repair and restore tissues and relieve pain.

PRP is injected into the site of pain or inflammation, allowing its growth factors to kick start the body’s natural healing mechanisms, working to repair damaged tissue and restore normal function. As inflammation goes down, pain relief begins. PRP is commonly used for joint pain caused by injury or by overuse and has been found to be effective in managing pain due to osteoarthritis of the knees, and a variety of other orthopedic conditions.

If a physician or clinic owner and are interested in participating. Please fill out the V.I.P. physician entry form here. 

*Please note, this initiative is not limited to Veteran’s Day only. All who are interested are welcome to participate at any time of the year.

Juventix Regenerative Medical® has been helping customers grow their clinics by expanding into new modalities and generating unique revenue streams. This treatment is 100% autologous and can aid in the healing for a variety of conditions, such as dyspareunia or pain with intercourse. Juventix PRP Kits provide a competitive advantage by offering superlative clinical outcomes at a commercially reasonable cost. 

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