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Sometimes legal cases can take months to years to resolve, and this can be stressful for clients who are eager for updates on their case. Zhivov Law has introduced a new app to inform clients of the status of their case, with updates as the case progresses; and lawyers say it is making their clients happier and less stressed out.

 Alberta, CANADA – Nov 17th 2021, Zhivov Law has officially announced the launch and implementation of a cutting-edge app that has changed the way clients interact with their lawyers. This new app, considered revolutionary in the legal industry, now makes it possible for their clients to instantaneously receive case updates, have access to their legal pleadings, and log any medical treatment(s) related to their case. In a world where everything is “instant” and new technology like this hasn’t gone mainstream in the legal profession yet, Zhivov Law is on track to become the most client-friendly and leading personal injury law firm in Canada.

Zhivov Law was founded by Vladimir Zhivov in 2012, with an exclusive focus on personal injury law. Since then, they have grown to a team of eight, and have won awards including “Top 3 Personal Injury Lawyers” certificate of excellence from ThreeBestRated as well as being named one of “The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Calgary” for 2020 by The Best Calgary. Their multi-national team makes it possible for them to handle cases in several languages including English, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog, and Croatian.

During a recent interview, Vladimir Zhivov was quoted as saying, “One of our dedicated lawyers, Mark MacDonald, pioneered the implementation of this great app. We decided to use this app for the sole purpose of making our clients’ lives easier. We recognize the importance to them of staying updated at all times, and having a reliable method of communication is key to keeping our clients comfortable and their stress levels down.” He went on to say, “Some personal injury claims can take years which adds to the burden on our clients. Our current clients love the new app and we believe that it will make a huge difference in the lives of people going through legal cases.”

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stay in the loop and receive constant case status updates. Zhivov Law’s use of the case tracking app reduces the need for clients to track down their lawyer to get updates, allowing them to have instant access to everything related to their ongoing case. Find out more about their new app here.

To learn more about Zhivov Law and their services, visit their official website at https://zhivovlaw.ca.


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