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There is no doubt that anyone that has used a gaming app has experienced the dreaded advertising popups that are not only annoying but that can also cause a disruption. Pinata’s new marketing system is set to change the way the industry delivers advertising to app users while also dramatically improving the gaming experience and revenue for advertisers.

Imperial Beach, CA – Nov 23rd 2021, Pinata™ has formally announced the launch of their IndieGoGo campaign with the aim of continuing the development of their revolutionary patent-pending product marketing system for gaming apps. Pinata™ is the world’s first ethical, inobtrusive digital marketing system that will remove all pop-up ads, and allow game creators to guarantee revenue to their “former advertisers” based on one hour of play time without advertising their product. Additionally, gamers receive a tangible product or service not just the ability to move forward in the game without having to see an annoying ad.

The team at Pinata™ consists of mobile app consultants and developers with a combined experience of over 40 years and is led by Sylvester Raymond, III, the inventor of the SMPPG™ technology, or more commonly known as its brand name Pinata™. (Strategic Mobile Product Placement Gamification™) Pinata is a patent-pending technology and is expected to be granted full patent status by 2022.

Sylvester is known as a thought leader in the technology sector, bringing more than 30 years of individual experience to the team. He has provided technological consulting to organizations like The US Chamber of Commerce, The Federal Reserve Bank and others. Today he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of JV Marketing Technologies, LLC based in San Diego, CA.

During a recent interview, Sylvester was quoted as saying, “This campaign is important because it changes the way products are moved and improves the gaming experience by removing the need for pop up ads which true gamers despise. Pinata™ also will allow vendors to project with guaranteed revenue what profits could be for them.” Over 50 billion dollars are made annually in mobile app games and with this new technology, app creators can potentially increase revenue further. The most appealing part of the Pinata™ technology is that creators can increase revenue without adding more pop-ups to the game, and actually removing pop-ups altogether. It is a net win for both gamers and app creators.

Sylvester continued, “To develop the technology and marketing is a large undertaking.  We need to develop the Pinata Wallet on both the Apple and Android Platforms complete with proprietary APIs for integration into mobile games. The need for this new technology is two-fold, it is not just to help creators earn more money without the use of pop-ups. We are also spearheading this initiative because it has the potential of helping many people that suffer from brain disorders. Pinata™ can really help people in their recovery process.”

Pinata’s new marketing system may also prove to benefit those that use apps in the treatment of their brain disorder. According to researchers, “video gaming actually increases brain volume in areas responsible for fine motor skill control, the formation of memories, and for strategic planning.  Video gaming could potentially play a therapeutic role in the treatment of a variety of brain disorders and conditions resulting from brain injury.” – www.thoughtco.com, Regina Bailey November 05, 2019.

“Pinata™, because it provides no popup ads and a tangible reward, it could be responsible for longer play and more people playing these games.  Longer play with Pinata™, could result in better brain therapy,” Sylvester remarked.

Their IndieGoGo campaign is now live, and has many perks, including a custom Pinata™ shot glass, PinataCoin™, and more. They will be adding NFT’s as well. The PinataCoin™ has the potential to become extremely valuable as they plan on it being listed on a decentralized exchange, which will bring instant value to the coin as each coin is supported by the value of a coupon.

To learn more about the Pinata™, the world’s first ethical, inobtrusive digital marketing system, visit their IndieGoGo campaign by following this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pinata-no-popup-ads-more-play-more-revenue#/.


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