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As the rate of depression and other mental health issues skyrocket, a newly released study with more than 300 participants with SMI from over 42 states has shown that use of GGtude’s SMI App, “CORE”, reduces a wide range of symptoms. Users don’t have to worry about the stigma of being labeled “mentally ill” when using this private app.

 Tel Aviv, Israel – Nov 23rd 2021, A new large-scale study suggests that, “CORE”, an application especially designed by GGtude to help people with serious mental illness (SMI) has become one of the world’s first application shown to be effective in reducing symptoms and disability and increasing positive attitudes about recovery and self-esteem. In this fully remote randomized control trial (RCT) participants self-reported as having been diagnosed with severe mental illness — 35% with bipolar, 43% with major depression, and 22% with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. The majority were unemployed (67%), female (86 %), and white (80%). They were assessed for severe mental illness using a variety of screening tools.

Publicly funded clinics and community mental health centers providing services for many people with SMI in the US chronically lack resources to provide demand. More importantly, many sufferers will not use these services because of fear of being labeled as “mentally ill.” People with SMI, however, use mobile phones frequently, making the “CORE” app a great alternative for people wanting to “self-help” their illness in a private and more comfortable setting. Users reported the app was friendly and easy to use.

The app works in a simple and easy way. Users are presented with on screen statements that conform or challenge their negative perceptions of themselves, the world, and the future. They can pull these statements toward themselves or discard them. Pulling towards themselves a dysfunctional statement results in feedback drawing attention to the unhealthy thought. Users also get feedback encouraging the adoption of statements providing alternative, more adaptive views of themselves, the world and future. With practice, users learn to adopt healthier statements, integrating them into their daily way of thinking.

During a recent interview, Gur IIany, the CEO of GGtude was quoted as saying, “CORE is one of the world’s first apps that have been proven to be effective for serious mental illness in a large-scale study (more than 100 participants). We are very proud of this achievement, and are now working on making the app available to the people who need it most. This effort is a major achievement in fulfilling our vision of building effective, accessible interventions for people dealing with mental health conditions.”

Professor Guy Doron, GGtude’s co-founder was quoted recently as saying, “Working on such an ambitious project was a huge challenge for our team. Helping people with serious mental illness cope better with their condition is something we always aspired to do. Now that the results are out, we have even more confidence that we can change people’s lives for the better by delivering short daily exercises on their personal devices”.

The CORE application for serious mental illness (SMI) was designed and created by GGTUDE. CORE is one of the only evidence-based apps for SMI.

To find out more about GGTude’s CORE App for the treatment of serious mental illness (SMI), visit their official website at https://ggtude.com/core-serious-mental-illness-app.

Read the published research paper in full here: https://www.jmir.org/2021/11/e29201.


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