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Cardvision is a new challenger grading company based in the UK, focused on making grading card collectables easier. They are building a digital grading platform that lives on one’s smartphone and gives complete control of one’s collectables collection.

London, United Kingdom, November 24, 2021, Cardvision has created a new paradigm in Pokémon collector card grading using its next generation Ai assisted “OpticEdge”. Legacy grading companies have invested heavily in physical grading with long waiting times and seem to think of the mobile experience as an afterthought. Cardvision is fundamentally different because their entire experience is designed around the smartphone.

They are building their core systems from the ground up, based on 21st century technology, rather than simply building a veneer over existing software. This “full stack” approach means they can process enormous amounts of data in real time required to run OpticEdge and send the digital gradings in augmented reality when they matter, not months or years later. All while staying secure and reliable.

When people talk about artificial intelligence, they often debate whether machines will replace tasks people do today. A more tantalizing possibility is performing tasks people cannot do, and eliminating error and bias using large data sets, and modern computational tools like deep learning, to recognize patterns too subtle for any human to discern. Today, the company presents early results showing Cardvision’s deep ensemble neural network, OpticEdge, can do just that: recognize grade and card quality from smartphone sensors – having sampled 79,390 cards at 99.46% the “accurate-grade” or “slightly lower” risk by analysis.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “Taking a mobile first approach as well as seeking to address common concerns of traditional grading services (cost, time, and inconsistency), Cardvision allows anyone with a smartphone to grade their card collection from the comfort of their own home. Utilizing computer vision and artificial intelligence, Cardvision removes the human bias and allows you to not only grade but protect as well as establish provenance for your asset.”

He goes on to say, “Every card is important, every card has a story. Things are only going to get better as our AI engine, known as OpticEdge, continues to learn and improve based on every single card it analyses. Come and help us shape asset grading and protection for the next generation of fanatics and collectors.”

For complete information, visit: https://cardvision.ai/

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