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On a strange planet where Sewage Creatures battle, Citizen Pink rises. Citizen Pink NFT Public Mint – 10,000 Unique NFTs Available. 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, November 30, 2021, NFT’s, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have become all the rage. New NFT Tokens are dropping all the time now. Some will be a great investment, and some will crash and burn. The Citizen Pink NFT has already created quite a stir in the NFT Community, with thousands of people ready to jump on it when it becomes available.

Clearly, “Citizen Pink” is not just another NFT. The tokens represent 10,000 sensational Citizens, meticulously hand-crafted using an AI-generated (and human-curated!) design database full of incredible traits. They feature a remarkable range of styles including Zombie, Vampire, MMA and many more!

With any value-packed store of mutable traits comes fantastic opportunity for unseen rarity to reveal itself – and the Citizen Pinks contain just such strange, unexpected, tantalizing, and unconventional rares. These remarkable Citizens will drop in the near future. Sign-up now to be in the loop. Join their Discord channel at http://citizenpink.io/discord

Of course, token holders not only gain the full commercial rights to their Citizen – to use however they see fit – but will also be immediately inducted into the astonishing community. They are operating a legitimately inclusive and incredibly friendly environment to connect with like-minded and objectively awesome members. What’s more, owners of multiple Citizens will earn the chance of boosting their collection’s value even further by adding an extra trait to their NFTs, which in turn will gain them access to a secret metaverse Vault. Make sure to check the project’s Road Map for further details.

Meet The “Citizen Pink” Team, fresh off of a multi-million-dollar project:

  • Citizen 00001: Head Visionary. As close to the Ground-Zero Citizen Pink as can be, 0001 brings the intellect, mastery and proven track record of legendary product launches in his extensive marketing background. A leader by nature, Citizen 0001’s strategic genius promises to push the Citizen Pink project beyond expectation.
  • Citizen Admin: Co-Founder. Citizen Admin is a mastermind of intense focus, levelling his awe-inspiring concentration to produce the ironclad codebase standing behind Citizen Pink. With his insatiable hunger for knowledge, he has amassed an impressive array of work experience from a number of large global companies.
  • Pinkycitizen: PM – The resident Discord magician, PinkyCitizen commands phenomenal buzz-generation ability, pushing the limits of marketing, through positive feedback and the creation of epic community solutions. His ingenious strategy is primed to catapult the Citizen Pink community to the forefront of the NFT space.
  • Lady Pink: The Artist. Hailing from the creative and inspiring depths of Venezuela, she has a history of introducing astonishing and mind-blowing artwork to the world. Her comprehensive portfolio includes a stimulating range of projects, the compelling experience of which she now brings to Citizen Pink.

To learn more about this interactive fantasy NFT, visit: https://citizenpink.io

Media Contact:

Citizen Pink
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Abu Dhabi, UAE
+1 305 560 5786