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Most of their projects focus on kitchen and bathrooms, but they also do fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens, reception areas, and special stone signs. Turn any home or business into a showplace while adding value. 

Columbia, South Carolina, December 2, 2021, Most homeowners have seen the TV Shows that feature incredible transformations turning an ordinary home into a showplace worthy of being featured on television. The amount of added value to these properties can be as stunning as their new look. One company has been at the forefront of the kitchen and bath industry for over 50 years.

Micalline invented cultured marble, and perfected cultured marble showers, baths, and vanities. Since their inception, Micalline has been known for high-quality cultured marble products. Over the years, they have expanded into the fabrication and installation of natural stone and engineered surfaces. Keeping up with the tradition of innovation, Micalline has also launched Williamstone and Kornerstone. Today, Micalline is a leader not only in cultured marble shower enclosures, bathtubs, and vanities, but also in granite, marble, quartz and quartzite countertops.

Many companies in this field come and go, but Micalline has withstood the tests of time. They are one of the few firms that offer turn-key solutions for kitchen and bath renovations while also working with top name Architects and Interior Designers. Their work can be seen all over the globe.

Micalline is sought after for their:

  • Precision Measuring: They use a laser-guided measuring tool with templating software to be precise with their measurements. Their field measurements are the key to providing a perfect fit during installation.
  • Custom Fabrication: Micalline’s team realizes that each project is unique. For this reason, they have invested in state-of-the-art fabrication equipment to deliver custom creations. Their seams are almost invisible and they fabricate with quality and durability in mind.
  • Installation: Their installers are very experienced and are well versed with the materials they work with. They co-ordinate with clients and their contractors to complete the projects on time. With their own box trucks and tools, they are ready to install showers, vanities, tubs or counter tops.

Imagine having the ability to cook directly on one’s countertop. Micalline introduces Invisacook, a revolutionary product that allows homeowners to cook directly on their countertops. With Invisacook, invisible induction burners are placed underneath the countertop surface and only get hot when they are turned on. This allows for extra countertop space when they are not in use and more safer and energy efficient. With just a simple switch, it is now possible to transform counter space into a stovetop.

Micalline is celebrating the Holiday Season with limited time specials:

  • Holiday Sale: 24% off and FREE install on select products.
  • Available for the first 24 customers only.
  • All Micalline shower systems are 24% off with FREE install.
  • All remnant stone countertops are 24% off with FREE install.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “As the inventors of Kornerstone, it is a pleasure to tell you about our own extremely durable sintered surface. It is a high-density stone making it non-porous which helps it withstand almost anything. It is our most durable engineered surface. Being that it is high density, it is stronger than any other stone surface. It is non-porous, heat, stain and abrasion resistant.”

He goes on to say, “Kornerstone is also resistant to acid and water and keeps away mold and mildew. It can withstand almost anything it will come in contact within your home and will stay strong for years and years. The surface is made from sustainable materials that are easy to clean without using harsh chemicals and can simply be cleaned with soap and water.”

Call for a free consultation and be on the way to an award-winning home.

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