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Alise & Gregg have met so many extraordinary people through their travels. Their videos and podcast episodes tell the stories of untamed souls breaking limiting beliefs, being authentic, and creating a life wild and free. It is their hope that  these episodes of Untamed Souls from around the world will inspire folks to make lasting changes in their lives that will bring joy, adventure, and healing. 

Dallas, Texas, December 5, 2021, Many people have dreamed of changing their life of drudgery and toil to a life of freedom and joy. Not many people actually have the fortitude and drive to make that dream a reality. It does not happen overnight. It takes living through a process that opens one’s eyes to a better life – one more aligned with nature and spirit.

The TalesFromAnUntamedSoul.com site is so much more than a travel website. This has given its founders ample space to tell their story of transformation from an unhappy corporate life to a happy life on the road well-traveled, or sometimes not even a well-travelled road. They love to travel in their trusty Ford vehicle and a grassroots stay at Airbnbs. The site is chock full of information, in the form of: Podcasts, Videos, Interviews, Photos and Travel Guides.

One thing for sure, a little time spent on their site will prove to be an eye-opening experience. Maybe the impetus to make some changes in one’s own life. The stress levels of city life can be bad for one’s health. Traveling and seeing what nature has to offer is healing to the soul. It makes sense to stop by TalesFromAnUntamedSoul.com and pick-up a few tips on travel.

Together Gregg and Alise have over 60 years of hospitality experience, internationally (Hawaii, Brunei on the Island of Borneo, Hong Kong) and domestically, including food and beverage with international 5-star fine dining and table side service, sales and revenue strategy, reservations, banquets/catering, housekeeping, valet, front office operations, accounting, human resources, spa, concierge, training and education, regional and executive level management, and leadership positions. Let their unrivaled expertise and authenticity help elevate one’s business.

Gregg & Alise Saunders are sought after for:

  • Public Speaking
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Video and Photo Creation
  • Start a Business
  • Campaigns
  • Display Ads
  • Destination, App, Service, and Product Reviews
  • Secret Shopper

Their new eBook, “A Complete Guide To Working While You Travel” is Free and available here.

For complete information, visit: https://talesfromanuntamedsoul.com/

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