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As the Holidays are here, so too is the winter weather. There will be many Christmas, and other Holiday Events that will be needing a trustworthy tarp. The ice-cold winter weather will also require that many items around the home and business will need to be protected with a special tarp. 

Georgetown, Texas, December 5, 2021, As the world opens after the main part of the Covid-19 Pandemic appears to be passing, “Tis The Season For Tarps”, and Tarps Plus has it covered. There may be many brands of Tarps on the market, but “Buyer Beware”, as there are also many reports of Tarp Failure. Tarps that rip, loose grommets, leak, crack in the sun, crack from the cold, stitching falls apart, etc.

This is why it is so important to buy from a company that is the leader in the Tarps Industry. Tarps Plus is sought after for their:

  • Experts: They have been supplying their products since the 1950’s.
  • Quality: They supply some of the biggest trucking companies, roofers, and businesses in the world. Even the US military and FEMA trusts them to supply them with tarps.
  • Price: TP take pride in offering low prices on all their products.
  • Selection: They carry the widest range of tarps anywhere.
  • Shipping: Their tarps and covers are in stock and ready to go.
  • Service: Great customer service means everything to them.
  • Dependability: They offer great products, protect against ID theft, and provide a lowest price guarantee.
  • Accessibility: Their team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They need to be due to their emergency clientele commitments.
  • Availability: Being a tarp manufacture has another advantage. They have one of the deepest inventories in the entire U.S.A. Their tarps are called into action in high quantities by emergency agencies around the world, so we have a responsibility to keep the largest inventory.
  • Flexibility: Custom sized and shaped tarps are available and their custom team will help every step along the way.

Tarps have nearly an unlimited amount of uses. Their goal has always been to offer the best tarps as well as offer helpful tips and information that enable their customers to get the best use they can out of their tarps. Besides the multitude of available sizes and types of types, here are some of the most featured specialty tarps:

  • Large Tarps: Large tarps are often used on super wide grounds. They have 100 x 100 tarps to 170x 170 tarps. large tarps are often used at: Sports fields (baseball, football, soccer and more), Schools, Parks, Construction areas, Farms (for covering hay bales and more). Large tarps are particularly useful for grassy fields and turfs. With a cover, the field is protected from damages caused by wind and rain.
  • Swing Set Tarps: Made of heavy marine grade polyethylene with brass grommets every 18 inches and are perfect for play sets. The swing set tarps provide UV protection and are mildew resistant. Can protect children from the harmful rays of the sun when they play outdoors.
  • Ice Rink Liners: Made with high quality poly tarp material. These ice rink liners are set with the right mesh count to hold the ice and last more than just one season. If building a backyard ice rink or a portable ice rink you are going to want to use their ice rink liners to hold the foundation of ice strong and without any leaks.
  • Swimming Pool Tarps: A worthy investment when it comes to pool maintenance. The covers keep debris, leaves and insects away from the pool. Less effort will be required when cleaning the pool, particularly when it has not been used due to the winter season. Their pool tarps are waterproof. They will not allow water to penetrate and leak into the pool.

They also have resistance to acids so the harmful agents of rainy weather cannot damage the cover. Its arctic flexibility allows its use when the temperatures are super low. Each side is UV treated. They will not deteriorate quickly even when constantly exposed to the sun.

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