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Eunoia’s goal is to connect with teens and encourage them to express complex thoughts authentically,  follow along as they talk about issues and what people go through as teens. Eunoia will raise topics, conversations and invite specialists to create mindfulness and meaning that incorporates empathy & emotional intelligence. 

Manalapan, New Jersey, December 7, 2021, Over one in five teens have a diagnosable mental health disorder like anxiety or depression. In the US alone, 16.2 million people suffer from depression, and 9.1 percent are Asian Indians. Moreover, suicide is now the second leading cause of death among Asian Americans between 15 and 34.

It is often not so easy to make it through the growing pains that society imposes on teens and pre-teens. Peer pressure in and of itself can cause a lot of stress on a young person’s mind. Add that to the anxiety of their interactions with adults of all mindsets and political pressures. It is daunting, to say the least.

A Freehold High School student Le’har Mishra has started groundbreaking new platform called “Eunoia” which is meant to shine some light on the stressors faced by young kids and teens. During a recent interview with Le’har about what inspired her to start this initiative, “All my articles are introspection that’s driven through first-hand exposure that has inspired some of my pieces and topics and conversations.”

She goes on to say, “Being first-hand exposed to depression with a family member, a feeling of helplessness, and not acknowledging to take help made me realize how much ignorance exists and the taboo that comes with it. On a very sullen night, a dear friend took his life; that news sent a little shock through my body. I then questioned the matter keeping me up at night; What are we not listening to?”

Eunoia’s community will focus on taking a positive outlook on topics and discuss with  webinars, podcasts, and much more. It is an initiative to address topics and issues to understand teens and young adults.

Eunoia has published various topics that address various aspects of teen depression, for example, how Depression Diversity: Mental health in Asian American Culture , Athlete Anxiety & Yoga Alleviates Depression. She invites young teens if they have a topic and would like to discuss it, please send an email to info@eunoiahelp.org.

For complete information, visit: https://eunoiahelp.org/

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