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Every year at this time there is a high demand for clear tarps. The demand is due to nighttime events. The clear tarp buyers range from event coordinators to the direct consumer wanting to entertain. Clear poly tarps are the more economical solution, but have a mesh reinforcement pattern on the material. 

Georgetown, Texas, December 11, 2021, The Holiday Season is here and people want to unwind and celebrate with family and friends. This means many events of all kinds, including Christmas Tree Showcases and large dining events. The clear tarps are perfect for creating a classy, illuminated area with Christmas lights.

Consumers choose clear tarps for one reason: they need see-through covers. These tarps allow light to pass through. So, if visibility is important, choose clear tarps. Tarps Plus offers clear poly tarps and clear vinyl tarps (20 mil and 30 mil).

Here are some of their popular applications:

  • Temporary enclosures for construction areas
  • Tent sidewalls
  • Green room enclosure
  • Building enclosure
  • Industrial cover
  • Patio/porch enclosure
  • Greenhouses

For enclosures that you need to use for a long time, we recommend the 20 mil or 30 mil clear vinyl tarp. Clear poly tarps can be used for such purposes, but the clear vinyl tarps are more likely to last much longer.
While clear tarps are not designed for shading purposes, they can be a great combination with canopies that do not have sidewalls. Since they are see-through, guests are able to enjoy the view outdoors from the inside of the canopy/tent. If the need is a cover that blocks sunlight, check out the selection of colored tarps.

These clear tarps are super heavy-duty and are meant to last. The clear tarps have a thick nylon thread shaft to assure a long-lasting life. Leno clear tarps are different from other clear Lino tarps because of the nylon weave around the tarps. The nylon weave is set together as squares to make it visible and heavy-duty. These tarps are mostly used in the agricultural industry. If looking for the tarp with quality and durability, clear tarps are an excellent choice.

Tarps Plus Clear Tarps are:

  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty poly tarp
  • UV treated on both sides
  • Mildew defiant
  • Tear resistant
  • Acid resistant

Clear tarps allow light in. Allowing light through is a principal factor when people choose these tarps, but that does not mean they can only be used during summer when the sun shines strongly . Remember that clear poly tarps can be used all throughout the year and under different weather conditions.

The company reports that their clear tarps are also resistant to damaging agents including water, acid, and mildew. Freezing weather conditions cannot stop these tarps from doing their job well. They are ideal for enclosures used during the winter season.

A clear tarp is designed to resist tearing, stretching, and ripping. When tension is applied, rest assured that the clear tarp can retain its original shape. Each tarp also has grommets which enable it to be secured in place.

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