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Finally, there exists a proven methodology to detect and “Take Down” stolen content and content infringements across all platforms. 

Miami Beach, Florida, December 31, 2021, The Covid has brought about many changes in the way people make money. More and more, people are turning to online platforms to generate income. Platforms like “OnlyFans” has become huge for those individuals wanting to post their personal artistic creations to generate an income.

This new income generating concept has also created opportunities for dishonest and felonious individuals to take advantage of any openings they can discover to copy, steal, and repost properties that do not belong to them. They generate income for themselves while depriving the original artists of doing the same.

That is, until now. Protect My Assets has launched a powerful platform to police the internet, locate and take down such content interlopers. Social media sites like Instagram, TikTok or OnlyFans can now be monitored by professionals who are ready to take action to protect the rights of content creators and take legal action when required. They are focusing on DMCA removal and will also be using the new CASE Act to help creators seek damages.

No need to go it alone and risk losing not only income, but control of one’s photos and videos. Legal issues can arise relating to the leaking of photos without the consent of the creator, copyright infringement of photos/videos or other content, and the unauthorized uploading of material through fake accounts.

“Protect My Assets is sought after for legal disputes arising from OnlyFans legal issues such as copyright disputes, intellectual property legal matters, cyber-fraud and much more. Their system automatically locates exact and similar matches of media. They can find images and videos. If anything is found, they will forward it to the creator for review. Creators can view the results, mark content to safely ignore, and have PMA submit infringements for takedown.

In one recent case, a Top Tier OnlyFans Creator had lodged repeated DMCA complaints. Protect My Assets was able to file a suit against the infringing website, which was selling stolen images. They won a cash settlement for the client and were able to get the website removed.

In another case against an extremely popular forum site, they were able to not only get the website removed but also work with government agents to help bring criminal charges against the owner.

The message here is you can “Stand-Up For Your Rights”.

For complete information, visit: https://protectmyassets.co/

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